LASERTAG.NET Grey game set

Equipment for Laser Tag Arena

The game kit of indoor laser tag equipment by LASERTAG.NET is specifically designed for games, known as q-zar, cosmozar, and laser tag. This game …

Why laser tag is a profitable business

Modern business environment has put small and medium-sized businesses within certain narrow limits when business projects must provide a quick payoff.


Laser tag gun FALCON F1

FALCON F1 is one of FALCON game set models, designed specifically for children. This shorter rifle version is fully adapted for the youngest laser tag…

Game set for outdoor laser tag MP-514

Rifle MP-514

The МР-514 rifle features one of the most reliable laser tag gun models. This game set has built a reputation and won customer confidence for its…

Vest for outdoor laser tag LASERTAG.NET

The vest with defeat sensors of hitting

We present you a vest for the laser tag with sensors of hitting. By its functionality the vest does not differ from RGB-headband, but it can make the game more alive…

Tripwire mine for laser tag

Ultrasonic tripwire mine

The long-awaited new gadget from the LASERTAG.NET : a tripwire mine with ultrasonic motion sensor – a device which can enliven the laser tag and …



Bomb LASERTAG.NET «Lite» is suitable for both laser tag and paintball. Thus a club conducting both combats will get a multi-purpose explosive device.

Remote control LASERTAG>NET

Remote control

The remote control is designed to configure game weapons and ancillary gaming devices, while its “Shift” button is provided to double the list of available…

Multi-colored OLED-screen of FALCON laser tag gun

When thinking of adding an LCD display to our FALCON playset, the idea was not only to make it reliable, but also as informative as possible. It displays…

Red dot sight

Red dot sight is a lens or a lens system that projects the aiming mark on the player’s eye by the parallel flow. As a result it is necessary to combine just two…