Organizing and conducting a children’s game of lasertag

Lasertag is an exciting team game. Intuitive rules, no pain, a large selection of scenarios make this game an excellent type of outdoor activities.
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Video-instructions for your laser tag center!

Dear customers of the Company!

We have prepared this video-briefing on laser tag game holding because being an owner of the laser tag centers we understand the importance of the safe game. We believe that laser tag is one of the most exciting kinds of active leisure that people enjoy more than any other ones. Read more

Features of laser tag and paintball business in Italy

“Find a job you like and you don’t have to work a single day in your life” (Confucius).

The true story of our client, whose passion to the laser tag and paintball games has evolved into a profitable business.

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12+2. You always get more with!

Get your club ready for the game season – enjoy the offer by! Up till the end of April buy 12 NETRONIC game sets and get +2 sets and Wi-Fi-router as a GIFT!
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Presents that can’t be refused!

From 16 till 30 April when buying 12 game kits of the GALAXY indoor system you get 2 game kits and Wi-Fi-router with installed settings as a gift.

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The Magnificent Seven

Want to entertain more customers while the season and hold more games? Then now – it’s high time to expand your laser tag equipment arsenal! Be a club that is ready to hold a corporate party, a sports tournament or a children’s event for any number of visitors.
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Demountable construction of the NETRONIC headband. Review

Headband NETRONIC has embodied lots of features aimed at immersing into the game process and providing comfortable usage. Minimized size of the sensors and control unit, zonal vibro-indication, inverse mode, super-bright diodes etc.

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Safety standards of the GALAXY – indoor laser tag system

The safety of the game process and pain absence have played a great role in laser tag popularity. This active game is opened for everyone regardless the age, physical fitness and gender.

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Video-review of Lasertag.Net’s equipment by our customer from Germany!

One more video-review of Lasertag.Net’s equipment by our regular customer and partner from Germany. Read more