The advantages of inflatable bunkers for laser tag clubs

A lot of clubs actively use inflatable bunkers. With their help you can equip a mobile site

GALAXY Pulse video review – get your impulse!

he GALAXY Pulse system is the world’s only arena game set with the impulse simulation of recoil. GALAXY Pulse kits will make your laser tag center unique among other clubs.

We work online!

During the quarantine period, LASERTAG.NET continues to operate online to fulfill our obligations to our existing and potential partners.

Coronavirus: a reason to panic or an opportunity to prepare for the season?

The coronavirus problem really stirred up the public! One way or another it also affected the entertainment business.


How to open a laser tag arena

We want to share with you our experience of developing the businesses of our customers. We provide a range of services for the opening and further support of laser tag centers and today we will talk about one of the projects.


TV-OUT: the application for broadcasting laser tag game statistics

TV-OUT is a unique Android-application from, which allows you to display statistics and game progress on the big screen

The results of the Paintball Extravaganza International 2020

Not long ago our team traveled to the United States. This trip was very useful for us; we visited indoor and outdoor laser tag centers and found new business partners.

Open a laser tag arena with!

We understand how difficult the path of a new entrepreneur can be. Therefore, we provide comprehensive support to all our partners, we provide training and advertising materials, as well as advise on business matters. For those who want more, we offer a new format of cooperation: a range of services for the opening and promoting laser tag arenas.


Lasertag Arena – The Arena Laser Tag Windows App

The Lasetag ARENA Windows app allows owners to control all the processes that occur inside the laser tag arena and


The Netronic tactical laser tag vest

We have already introduced you to the first representatives of the NETRONIC TACTICAL line. As you may remember it includes:

  • The GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol and M4 laser tag rifle with authentic reload, and a body that best match combat prototypes;
  • The SCORPION shock-band is a device that transmits an electrical impulse to the player’s body when the player is hit;
  • The NETRONIC TACTICAL vest and helmet have hit sensors for greater immersion in the game.

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