LasertagNet is a global laser tag hardware and software development company. Since 2005, the company has made all the way from a small laser tag center to an international manufacturer of laser tag equipment.

“We started as a paintball & laser tag center and had to use third-party equipment that often felt disappointing: bulky, limited in functionality and even not safe enough sometimes. So at some point, we realized it would be useless to continue looking for the right vendor. This is how the decision was made to create equipment that would meet our quality expectations and provide greater functionality. And in the first place, we were determined to make a product that our own customers would enjoy using.”

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Michael Obod

Nowadays LasertagNet produces both indoor and outdoor/mobile laser tag equipment that could perfectly fit for any recreation and entertainment business.

The company products have been highly appreciated not only by the long-existing customers, among which are laser tag and paintball centers but also by those businesses that are only getting started due to our favorable
price-quality ratio. LasertagNet’s top-notch commercial laser tag equipment is used for paintball, karting centers, escape rooms, rope parks, country hotels, etc.

“We’ve tested different manufacturers, but decided to go with LasertagNet. We specifically like FALCON taggers with pulse recoil technology – something we haven’t seen elsewhere! Because this industry is getting competitive, using this kind of visionary products is a must for a business like us.”

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Ramón González
Owner at Vision

Today, the company is fully committed to keeping its leadership positions as the first-class commercial laser tag equipment manufacturer. Realizing the importance of such a mission, LasertagNet is working hard to improve its products to keep these high standards both among its clients and partners.

“Since the beginning, our vision has always been to provide a fun yet safe laser tag battle experience for both our and our partner’s customers. So we’ve built our business on the principles of technological advancement, transparency, and partnership.”

Michael Obod

The sign “NETRONIC” was designed and owned by Obod Mikhail Sergeyevich since 2017.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia with offices in France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Mexico, Estonia, USA and Ukraine, LasertagNet has over 150 employees and operates in more than 23 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

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