Lasertag.net is a manufacturer of innovative laser tag equipment that provides lifelong business support at every stage from consulting on the choice of game sets to opening a laser tag center with its further promotion.

We have come a long way from a small laser tag club in Ukraine to the world's largest manufacturer of equipment with advanced functionality that has no competition in the industry.

Opened our own paintball park in Kharkiv, Ukraine


Opened our own paintball park in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Opened a laser tag center.


Opened a laser tag center.

The start of production of inflatable shelters: Airbunker.


The start of production of inflatable shelters: Airbunker.

The start of production of outdoor laser tag equipment.


The start of production of outdoor laser tag equipment.

130 clubs opened in 7 countries.


130 clubs opened in 7 countries.

The results
we are proud of


laser tag centers, arenas, and mobile clubs

countries with clubs running on our equipment.

years of experience in the laser tag business

service and dealership centers on 4 continents


laser tag rifles
FALCON already in the game

Our Leaders



It is very important for me that our equipment attracts more new people to laser tag. To do this, we introduce innovative features into play sets that are unique in the industry. Laser tag is a great source of entertainment and type of active recreation that gives players unforgettable emotions, uniting adults and children of all ages on one site.

We believe

That it is crucial to build long-term relationships with our clients because their victories in the laser tag business help us further develop the industry by producing new innovations.


of customers come again

Laser tag centers of our partners are growing and developing, regularly expanding their arsenals with new generations of gaming sets. Our support and equipment help our clients to grow, attracting more and more laser tag lovers to their clubs.


of the customers have previously used equipment from other manufacturers

Many owners of laser tag businesses switched to Lasertag.net because here they found service, quality, and equipment capabilities that were lacking in other manufacturers.


of the clients will recommend us to entrepreneurs who are at the stage of selection.

Every week, specialists from the quality department receive feedback from our customers, take into account their wishes, as well as feedback on equipment and service. Prompt response and involvement in the business of our clients allow us to maintain a high level of service.


of the customers buy equipment after a test drive!

Our play kits provide an unforgettable gaming experience. The convenient and reliable FALCON body, impulse recoil, shockband, and battle royale scenario - once experienced, business owners and gamers prefer to keep the equipment with all these features.


laser tag centers from 56 countries around the world trust us

I was especially impressed with the recoil, having tried it in reality. I can’t even mention how thrilled my customers were!


Escape Room & Laser Game (Switzerland)

How is
laser tag equipment created?

Developing a product vision

The vision of the product is developed based on the needs of the players and laser tag business, as well as the search for unoccupied niches in the industry. We try to develop the most non-trivial solutions that have no comparison in the laser tag industry.

Concept creation

The designers work out the concept design of the devices, after which, together with the software development department, the first prototypes of the equipment are created.

Testing prototypes

The prototypes undergo multi-stage testing and are also tested in real game conditions. To collect opinions on the best concepts, we regularly present them at international exhibitions, as well as share our developments on social networks.

Own production

The final version of the device goes into serial production. All stages of creation from the casting of bodies and manual assembly of devices to application development are carried out by a team of Lasertag.net specialists.

We do not stop there

We keep releasing global firmware updates that significantly expand hardware capabilities. Our customers do not need to buy new devices every year, as the functionality of the existing equipment is constantly expanding.

The game is just beginning...

Once the equipment is shipped, we never stop providing support and assistance to our customers. Reliable and technological equipment is where your business starts, expert help and regular updates are what makes it truly successful.

Outplay them all!

Outplay them all!