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Conduct outdoor games without getting in trouble with the police, because our taggers don't look like real guns.

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Easy, quick installation and setup of the inflatable field, one bunker is inflated in less than one minute.

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4 types of taggers in different sizes for players from 5 years old, 10 types of weapons and several player presets in one tagger.

A full range of all equipment to create the most modern laser tag center in any format: indoor, outdoor or mobile.

Unique products, such as the SCORPION shock-band for thrill seekers, or the FALCON LUX compact tagger for kids.

Unprecedented reliability: FALCON taggers can withstand the weight of a car, and the SUPERNOVA bomb survives a 4-story drop.


With your first purchase, you get all existing features and free future upgrades.

Fiscal statistics service to control the operation of the center and Union app to increase repeat visitors.

Flexible customization of gaming devicesand scenarios allows to diversify the gameplay and keep your center visitors interested.

With the convenient Lasertag Operator app, only one instructor will be able to run a game for more than 30 customers at a time.


Help with launching the center, from choosing the location and construction cost estimates to training manuals and marketing materials.

A personal manager to guide you from equipment selection and business startup to lifelong support.

A 12-month warranty and replacement fund option, ensuring a replacement equipment supply during repairs.

Technical support from 30 service centers and dealerships around the world that solve problems quickly, rather than taking weeks to process requests.

Customers really talk about us

I recently tested your system and found that customers really liked it. The taggers are handy to navigate, the scenario devices add extra intrigue and complexity to the tasks. Good luck and keep up the good work on perfecting the product!

Family Campground and Cabins "Papoose Pond "

Waterford, USA

Paintball center "Paintball Evasion"


Just played my first (unorganized) game with my daughter and some kids in front of our apartment! The kids had a blast. No photos because I was too busy playing! Laser Tag Net offers high quality products and superb customer service (Which is most important to me!!)

mobile laser tag company "Laser Tag Play"

Busan, South Korea

Laser tag center "Lasertag Arena Siegen"


On first use everything worked well and I am satisfied with the product. The only thing I had a small problem when changing the game mode, I had to switch the tagger off and on again to change the mode. You have a lot of potential. Good luck!

Quest room "Ludimmersion"


Paintball center "Paintball Toscana"


Particularly, I'd like to thank you for the FALCON. So many ideas to fit into a single device - it's very valuable! Why keep thinking about different kinds of weapons when there are 10? Players have the ability to choose, to try different tactics. That's something everyone enjoys. Love you for that!

Laser tag center "Play207"

Maine, USA

Laser tag center "Lasertagevents"


Laser tag center "LASERRED"

Genève, Switzerland

Paintball center "Paintball Löhme"


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