Just played my first (unorganized) game with my daughter and some kids in front of our apartment! The kids had a blast. No photos because I was too busy playing!
The kid's parents were happy to see their kids exercising and having a lot of fun!
Laser Tag Net offers high quality products and superb customer service (Which is most important to me!!)

Excellent communication with the manager Natalia convinced me to choose your equipment. The commercial contact and the software in French was a great advantage for me.
On first use everything worked well and I am satisfied with the product. The only thing I had a small problem when changing the game mode, I had to switch the tagger off and on again to change the mode.
You have a lot of potential. Good luck!

The manager who worked with me was really nice and helpful. Everything happened so quickly. I already use it Satisfied with the customer service and product

I recently tested your system and found that customers really liked it.
The taggers are handy to navigate, the scenario devices add extra intrigue and complexity to the tasks.
However, I found that some of the pre-made scenarios didn't behave the way I thought they would... so I copied and adjusted them to fit what I had in mind.
This is something you should have checked and corrected more thoroughly.
It's really cool that along with the equipment, you also provide marketing materials to promote the business.
Laser tag is almost unknown to many people and with your branded banners and instructions, I will be able to get my club promoted much faster.
Good luck and keep up the good work on perfecting the product!

I placed the order and am already looking forward to it. Thanks to your managers for the great advice. Honestly, after reviewing your product catalog, I made a decision on the purchase right away. In terms of concept and development - you are light years ahead of your competitors. It's very appealing.
I'm impressed by the capabilities of the scenario devices.
You can create a huge number of scenarios and customers will definitely want to play them all!
Personally, I would love to see a secret weapon upgrade feature for scenario devices someday.
For example, the ability to unlock special weapons for a limited time at the base.
Particularly, I'd like to thank you for the FALCON. So many ideas to fit into a single device - it's very valuable! Why keep thinking about different kinds of weapons when there are 10? Players have the ability to choose, to try different tactics. That's something everyone enjoys. Love you for that!

I like the price and the fact that the company works with the equipment(updates, new scenarios, additional equipment). You have met our expectations to the full.
The only thing that was a little disappointing was the lack of photos to promote it. There are very few images on the website, in the gallery.
I give nine and will recommend you. Thank you.

I'm very happy to have found the cool FALCON gun. Lots of incredible features, and besides, it's reliable! I saw the crash test and it just blew my mind. Now I will try to describe what I liked about it.
First of all, the recoil impulse imitation. No laser tag weapon has ever impressed me with its realistic feel during a game like the FALCON. And this is despite the fact that it looks like a blaster from Star Wars.
The customers really like it, even those who were skeptical about laser tag before the session.
As I said, it's extremely durable and sturdy. It's very important for us, because no one wants to have to constantly repair the equipment after players get emotional or clumsy 😁.
Even if problems arise, though, your tech support engineers always solve everything promptly. Respect to them.
I wish the software was on iOS, but it's cool as it is. It works fast and everything is up-to-date and really easy to understand. I have already said many good things, as you guys are great. I will be happy to keep working with you.