Advantages of laser tag business

The popularity of paintball among fans of team games and military ones, until recently, was much ahead of the laser tag. But at the same time, we should admit it, the laser tag is getting more and more popular among both – players and business as well.
Laser tag is a new trendy format of entertainment that, like paintball, is able to attract fans of active rest, and that allows expanding the range of services for many businessmen working in this industry.

Main differences between paintball and laser tag

Data  Paintball Laser tag
Range of fire The average firing range during the battle is 50-60 meters. Confident hit no more than 60 meters. The average range of laser tag equipment is 150-200 meters. It is possible to hit up to 500 meters.
Hit registration Is provided by counting the balls burst on the uniform. All the hits are registered by electronic sensors.
Safety To provide the  game safety it is necessary to wear a face mask, gloves and protective vests. Total safety of the laser tag equipment. There is no pain factor, since there are no damaging elements in the laser tag equipment.
Weather effect Precipitation or low temperatures can lead to the game cancellation. You  can hold the game at any weather conditions at any season.
Uniform wear It is necessary to wash up the uniform after each game because of the paint stains. That leads to its wear out. The uniform practically does not get dirty.

Advantages of laser tag:

  • Laser tag is game for any year season and for any weather;
  • The main laser tag advantage is its total safety;
  • Laser tag is absolutely painless;
  • The IR-beam is not effected by wind or wet weather;
  • The range of laser tag weapon’s fire is about 150-200 meters;
  • Due to laser technology your clothes remain clean.

If you have already been engaged  with paintball business, then your experience will help you in laser tag business development. All you need is to buy laser tag equipment and for all other needs you may use the paintball facilities inflatable bunkers and fields for laser tag game arranging. Laser tag business is also quite profitable for start-up businessmen.

Advantages of laser tag business:

  • Attraction of additional target audience (children up to 70 %);
  • Increase profitability of your club;
  • Payback in 3-11 months (according the experience of our clients);
  • Absence of additional expenses;
  • Simplicity of laser tag equipment management (You can start and control the game via telephone, computer or laptop using the application for Android or software for Windows);
  • You can easily teach your staff how to manage the equipment and control the game (you don’t have to hire new staff; the current instructors will cope);
  • Durable laser tag equipment developed specially for renting (withstands car weight);
  • Service maintenance of the equipment is conducted throughout the whole service life;
  • Safe for your clients;
  • Simplicity of arrangement and games conducting;
  • It is not necessary to have a stationary laser tag game court to start the business (you ma buy laser tag equipment and arrange the game wherever and whenever you want).

Moreover, the government of many countries doesn’t always allow opening paintball club without additional licenses. Thus, for example in Australia paintball is allowed only for people aged above 18. While laser tag is allowed even for children of 5.
Besides, in the USA paintball is prohibited for scouts. Among the main reasons for paintball prohibition the psychological aspects are named, because there is a clear imitation of a shot in a person in paintball.