Android application update!

New ANDROID laser tag application by LASERTAG.NET includes scenario configurator, headband vibro indication and laser tag gun hit sensors switching on/off, as well as advanced additional devices control.

Let’s take a closer look at the detailed features of the new app.

Scenario configurator

This feature allows you to create your own scenario or modernize the existing one. You can also adjust each laser tag game kit specifically to particular scenario.

This is a very useful tool to use especially when you have a team, consisting of players of different age and fitness level. Then you can give more health points or ammo to one player or few players to make their chances to win during the game equal.

Scenarios configurator enables creation of condition, reaching which the game will stop and define the winner automatically. For example, when one player or team gets a certain number of points or captures a device.

All settings are saved, allowing you to enlarge your laser tag club scenarios collection and provide your regular customers with a real variety of game conditions.

Headband vibro-indication switching off

New Android app features an option to automatically switch off the vibro indication of the headband.
When an opponent hits a player during the game, the headband vibrates, simulating a shock effect as if during the injury or death. Now instructor can switch this feature of the headband off for each player who wants to play only with sound indication.
You will also save up to 25% of battery when switching off the headband vibration feature. This option is very useful during running away games or long lasting events.

Laser tag gun hit sensors switching on/off

Previous versions of firmware had hit sensors, located on the laser tag gun body, active and thus turned the gun into one of the most sensitive targets. Now there is an option to switch off this sensitivity and thus decrease the hit zone.
This feature makes the game easier for our main target audience – for children, as well as enables running children against adults game with even chances to win.
You can switch sensitivity of a laser tag gun off during game when new players are playing against the experienced ones or just upon their request.

Automatic reload

Many customers of laser tag club do not always follow strict rules that require precise usage of shots in a clip. It especially concerns children. This is why the option of automatic reload of laser tag gun allows players not to get distracted when reloading their guns – they can just take aim and shoot.

Shortcut bar

We have implemented a shortcut bar for the Android app, using which you can quickly access the most important commands. “Hot” buttons are visualized with 6 (six) big icons, enabling comfortable and fast control of one of the players. It is another step towards maximum cutting of time you need to set the equipment and grant your players more game time.

Smart Domination Box and Sirius Station configuration

Smart Domination Box & Sirius Station inbuilt Wi-Fi module makes remote control and configuration possible. Using simple smartphone or tab you can now change game mode or configure additional equipment. It drastically reduces time you need to service the game as well as improves its quality.

Smart Domination Box and Sirius Station in online stats

New Android application allows instructors follow all the actions related to using Smart Domination Box and Sirius Station that are happening on the game field. These features provide clear and fair game process that is extremely important when running laser tag tournaments. Use actions log to solve points at issue that happen between teams. Players can also rate their efficiency while interacting with devices when they get detailed stats with game results.

Download the new Android application here and update the firmware of the game kits available here  to start using all new features of the software.