Why is vest connected to the blaster via cable?

The GALAXY indoor laser tag game kit includes a vest and blaster that are interconnected via a cable. Many people ask themselves: “Why use a cable if you can support wireless communication like in an outdoor laser tag?”. Read more

Laser tag statistics in Android App

Individual statistics interest every player who has ever played laser tag. This is a great opportunity to track your results, as well as compare it with the performance of other players. Read more


Glock-19 – a starting point for the NETRONIC TACTICAL line

Our company does not stand still, continuing to actively develop. A new stage in our formation is the NETRONIC TACTICAL line of equipment for tactical laser tag. Read more


How to hold an arena laser game? Here is a script for working with clients!

The ability to work with clients is the basis of a good service of the laser tag arena. Qualitatively provided service will certainly make a person desire to return for more. Read more


Halloween in your laser tag club

It’s Halloween on October 31st – a holiday with an ancient history and unique attributes. It is popular all over

Why we use Wi-Fi

The Lasertag.net company is one of the first manufacturers of laser tag equipment that started to use a Wi-Fi connection between game kits and control devices. Read more


Firmware 19.1 – new step in the evolution of the platform NETRONIC

The latest firmware version 19.1 is available for download! We have greatly extended the features and optimized the outdoor laser tag system NETRONIC, as well as fixed bugs.

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Mobile laser tag games for schools

The organization of mobile laser tag games is your competitive advantage and an additional source of profit. Offer a laser tag game service in schools and other educational institutions in your city and you will at least advertise your club or you will find loyal customers and partners! Read more

Mobile laser tag games. How to prepare

Mobile laser tag games. A club’s approach or a separate service? In laser tag, unlike paintball, there is no need

NETRONIC. Video-presentation.

In March the Lasertag.net Company has presented its new outdoor laser tag system – NETRONIC. It was a long journey to this event, and it lived up all our expectations – caused a flurry of emotions and genuine interest of regular and new customers. We are grateful to everyone for your interest, support feedback and interaction.

Today we present the video-presentation of our new equipment at our web-site so you can appreciate its new features visually.
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