How to prepare a laser tag center for Halloween?

People around the world celebrate Halloween on October 31! Laser tag allows you to become a vampire, zombie, or superhero with unique abilities.


SCORPION Shock-band Video Review

The Shock-band is a new laser tag device that enhances the realism and dynamics of the rounds, and gives players a new gaming experience with an adrenaline rush!


Guide to outdoor laser tag scenarios

The application Lasertag.Operator offers a set of ready-made scenarios for outdoor laser tag games. We have created a guide so that even an inexperienced instructor can organize and conduct a game!

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Shockwave – a new feature of the laser tag grenade launcher

With the release of the 19.3 firmware, a new function was added that allows you to hit several opponents with one shot – shockwave!


Digital flag – a new mode in SIRIUS

Capturing the flag is one of the most popular scenarios in paintball and airsoft. Now, a new mode, Digital Flag, has become available for LASERTAG.NET outdoor equipment.


NETRONIC outdoor platform update – V 19.3

The firmware update 19.3 for the outdoor NETRONIC platform is already available for download.The main innovations are: “Digital flag” mode and a grenade launche“Shockwave”.

Shock-Fight vs Paintball. Who wins?

Shock-Fight is a laser tag game with shock bracelets, which allows participants to feel the hits as strong as in paintball. But can Shock-Fight be a full-fledged alternative to paintball?

What is laser tag?

Laser tag is a team game the purpose of which is to complete missions that can follow a story-line by hitting opponents or scenario devices with a blaster.

Shock-Fight. The reboot of laser tag

The release of the SCORPION shock-band was marked by a real boom in the industry and it even managed to generate several myths. Such great interest is caused by the fact that the device dramatically changes the usual game of laser tag. Bring out a completely different level of emotions of the participants and dynamics of battles.

The laser tag center in the Counter-Strike style. A story from our partner in Saudi Arabia

People play laser tag almost all over the world. From small to large clubs, from space arenas to tactical training grounds. Today we will talk about one of our new partners, their amusement park Diriyah Oasis in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.