TV-OUT: the application for broadcasting laser tag game statistics

TV-OUT is a unique Android-application from, which allows you to display statistics and game progress on the big screen in real time. Statistics broadcast is available for GALAXY and NETRONIC game kits.

Lasertag Arena – The Arena Laser Tag Windows App

The Lasetag ARENA Windows app allows owners to control all the processes that occur inside the laser tag arena and


A laser tag vest for tactical games!

We have already introduced you to the first representatives of the NETRONIC TACTICAL line. As you may remember it includes:

  • The GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol and M4 laser tag rifle with authentic reload, and a body that best match combat prototypes;
  • The SCORPION shock-band is a device that transmits an electrical impulse to the player’s body when the player is hit;
  • The NETRONIC TACTICAL vest and helmet have hit sensors for greater immersion in the game.

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Not long ago, the LASERTAG.NET team returned home from a week-long trip to the USA. We went there to exchange experience with our colleagues in the laser tag industry and to find new business partners. Read more


GALAXY PULSE: the awakening of the laser tag arena system!

GALAXY Pulse is the first only laser tag system for the arena with impulse recoil. GALAXY Pulse is a new branch of the GALAXY space laser tag system, all of its best qualities have been preserved in it, and a new function has come available that significantly increases the realism of the game. Read more

How to prepare a laser tag center for Christmas

New Year’s holiday is a time when people spend a lot of money on gifts, shopping, and entertainment. During these


GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol

GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol is the first gun of the military stylized NETRONIC Tactical line, which will also include other guns and devices that capture hits. Read more

Impulse simulation of recoil in the laser tag guns

NETRONIC platform laser tag gaming kits feature a pulsed recoil simulation technology that makes games even more realistic, immersing visitors into the gameplay. Read more

How a small laser tag center has become a global manufacturer.

Q&A with Michael Obod, Founder of is a full-cycle manufacturing company that designs, builds, and supports laser tag

Why is vest connected to the blaster via cable?

The GALAXY indoor laser tag game kit includes a vest and blaster that are interconnected via a cable. Many people ask themselves: “Why use a cable if you can support wireless communication like in an outdoor laser tag?”. Read more