Battleground Orlando - the largest laser tag center in Florida

    Real stories of our clients with real problems and solutions help startup entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen to launch and develop their projects. We want to share another story from one of our customers. This time, we interviewed Spiros Kodounis - our dealer and partner from Orlando, Florida, USA.
    Twenty years ago, Spiros was a developer and programmer and had a small business together with his "more successful", according to Spiros, uncle. At the same time, Spiros opened the Battleground Orlando paintball center, which almost immediately became his main business because it brought in more income than the programming and business with his uncle combined.
    The idea of laser tag business came to Spiros due to unpleasant circumstances - competitors pasted up flyers on his paintball courts inviting everyone to play laser tag in an attempt to steal his customers. Stripping these flyers from the walls, he had the idea to try to do laser tag, because he already had indoor and outdoor playgrounds.
    In order to do laser tag, he had at his disposal 3 indoor and 5 outdoor arenas built for paintball, with bridges, tunnels, trenches, forts, towers and even bunkers.
    At that time, Spiros knew of only two major American manufacturers of the most popular laser tag equipment. After buying kits from two of them at once, he eventually retained kits from only one manufacturer.


    While working with the other manufacturer's equipment, Spiros identified a whole set of problems that nothing seemed to be able to solve.

    Complicated and inconvenient

    The equipment was incomprehensible and difficult to set up. A lot of time had to be spent on training his center staff, because an untrained person would not be able to set up the sets and run the game. The game had to be controlled from a computer, and instructors had to carry a table with many wires at their backs.

    Communication and weak batteries

    The communication range the equipment operated on could not fully cover the playgrounds. It forced games to be played in a smaller area, "cutting out" parts of the courts. The equipment often went off the grid, and taggers could disconnect from the vest during the game, forcing the game to be stopped and the set to be reconfigured. In addition, instructors had to constantly change batteries and recharge equipment during the day, which quickly ran out of power.

    Durability and reliability

    "This is the closest to real combat you can get. We have Indoor and Outdoor courses with grass, sand, trenches, woods, sometimes mud, urban structures, etc. So leave your Guchi purses and designer shoes at home and prepare for battle! ( We do rent jumpsuits. ) " (retrieved from ) )
    Taggers would fail, unable to withstand the daily stresses and would break not only from physical impact. Due to poor assembly, moisture, sand and dirt would get inside the devices and the electronics would fail.

    Features and Appearance

    According to Spiros, the taggers and other manufacturer's devices looked "unaesthetic" and had very limited features. Monotonous scenarios and game modes quickly bored customers. His center customers simply had no choice, and fewer and fewer people were coming back to play laser tag.

    Solution - LASERTAG.NET

    The equipment, unsuitable for the business, forced Spiros to start his search anew. By comparing laser tag equipment manufacturers from around the world, Spiros found out about us. After looking through our customer reviews and seeing the number of centers featuring our equipment, he no longer had any doubts. As he said in the interview, "This system seemed a better overall choice and thankfully this turned out to be the case."
    Spyros purchased from us:
    • 32 FALCON LUX taggers
    • 32 NETRONIC headbands
    • 32 vests
    • 4 SIRIUS scenario devices
    • 1 SMART Domination Box


    Now it's easy!

    In the interview Spiros said that he liked the equipment even before the first game, because now he could launch and configure all the sets not through a cumbersome computer, but with a smartphone or tablet.
    By running the Lasertag Operator app, he was able to quickly turn on, set up and run the equipment without having to read through the instructions or go through additional training. Getting ready to play is no longer stressful, and quick turning on and off of all gaming devices allows for more game sessions per day!

    Complete game

    Complete game
    No more pulling dozens of meters of wires to your computer to run a game in a small area. The stable, long-range router signal has made Spiros happy so that the entire center area can now be engaged. Unlike other manufacturers' equipment, our sets:
    • Do not glitch or freeze in the game or service mode
    • Do not get tangled up with each other during the game, visitors now play without fear that their tagger will connect to another player's headband on its own
    • Players from one playground no longer deactivate players on another one, thanks to the Parallel Game feature
    There is also no need to constantly check the battery level. Our taggers, scenario devices, headbands and vests can easily withstand up to 24 hours of continuous use, which the instructors are very happy about!

    Incredible reliability

    One of the most important criteria in selecting equipment for Spiros was reliability, and here we met all his expectations. In the interview he said, "These are the most durable and practical guns we have ever used and we go through a large volume of customers weekly and have pretty much all terrains except snow." Now, the instructors aren't distracted by repairs, they run games!

    New modes and design

    The other manufacturer's game kits were still in use when we delivered our equipment to Spiros. The first players who were able to play with the FALCON LUX taggers immediately gave them their preference.
    Our equipment provoked a WOW-effect - players really liked the "aesthetic" appearance and compact size of the FALCON LUX taggers that resemble space blasters. Spiros himself noted that the bright IPS screen displays all the necessary information as in video games and is very popular among children.
    The standard and boring game modes have been replaced by:
    • New characters and headband modes: Zombie, Medic, and Hostage
    • 30 ready-to-play scenarios of different difficulty levels
    • 5 SMART Domination Box modes
    • 8 SIRIUS scenario device modes
    • 10 weapons in a single tagger


    Other manufacturer's equipment is still in use, but not very popular. Battleground Orlando center visitors are happy with the new equipment from LASERTAG.NET, and are leaving more and more positive reviews about Spiros' center.

    Spiros says that positive reviews bring in more repeat customers, increased return rates and word-of-mouth advertising. For example, having successfully celebrated a child's birthday with a laser tag game, there's a good chance that all the kids in that company will now want to celebrate their birthday at this place.
    Spiros' center
    Spiros' center is the largest and most profitable center in Orlando. We are happy that our equipment has helped Spiros increase the number of sessions per day and return customers. Now, more than 200 people play laser tag every weekend. Spiros' annual income from laser tag alone has already surpassed $300,000!
    Spiros Kodounis is an official dealer of LASERTAG.NET, actively supporting and developing the laser tag industry in the USA. Also, we want to sincerely thank Spiros for his help with the IAAPA Orlando show. We appreciate our partnership and hope for further fruitful cooperation!