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Mobile Laser Tag for all ages

Las Vegas

You probably know how difficult it can be to get friends together to have a good time. Someone can't get to the place, someone doesn't want to leave their house, someone just doesn't like to travel and communicate with a lot of strangers, someone's age is stopping them. But there is a solution for everything and our client, Daniel Jean, knows it like no one else. His company is ready to come to your home or any other location with all the necessary equipment and professional instructors: "This is a game that mixes sports and video games. Several generations can play without fear of injury (child, parent, grandparent)".

And you don't have to take all your relatives downtown, to noisy entertainment centers to play exciting laser tag adventures. Everything can be organized right at your home or during a picnic outdoors. The most important thing is your good mood and exciting leisure time away from noisy cities. That's the idea behind Daniel's project: "It's about offering new activities for our region far from the big cities".

our client

In order to implement such a global plan, more specifically mobile laser tag, Daniel Jean enlisted the support of our company, becoming our partner and receiving comprehensive technical support: "This is a new company with equipment from Lasertag.Net".

our client

It is not just a set of taggers and sensors. We provided his company with a turnkey solution, a product ready for implementation. It included software, game modes and technical tools. The only thing that had to be done was to take it and use it in the business: "This is a turnkey solution".

our client

Customers love ordering from Lasertag Amusement. There are so many game options to choose from that many have become regular customers, ordering exciting adventures for all the holidays: "The most popular scenario is the one where you literally have to deactivate the most opponents. Capture the Tower of Domination".

our client

Lasertag Amusement is not going to stop at its current flourishing stage. Daniel has plans to expand the capabilities of his entertainment center: "We still have plenty of equipment to buy to offer more scenarios (Shock-Band, Supernova, more Sirius).

Our company is excited about the development of this business among our Canadian customers, and the level of our business relationship will continue to expand in the future. The trends in the development of laser tag technology in the modern world are only growing. Therefore, we will contribute in every way to the progress of Lasertag Amusement's business, providing our customers with exciting new solutions that will allow them to diversify the range of their services.

5 – 7 Mar 2024
Dubai World
Trade Centre
Stand 3-C28


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