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COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES OF LASERTAG.NET is not only the leading manufacturer of laser tag equipment but, first of all, a practitioner. We implement a full cycle of production: from cases casting, board and software development to assembling and testing the final product. All the equipment is tested in our laser tag arenas.

The advantages of our cooperation

1. Safety

Particular attention is given to security. The laser tag equipment is thoroughly tested before coming on the market.

The safe shape of the case. developing laser tag weapons, we took into account all the details, so the are no moving or protruding elements that could be damaged or injure the player.

Protective rubber bumper. All the laser tag weapons are equipped with special rubber bumpers which protect players from collision injuries. Such a bumper does not require to be purchased separately, it is included in the kit with the laser tag rifles.

2. Cases adapted for rental

The laser gun case is a unique designing of the company, which was developed specifically for rental use. The case of the gun is made of solid elastic plastic that does not chip and it is resistant to falls and bumps.

3. Quality control

To ensure a high quality level of the produced equipment, established a special department which verifies the produced equipment at all the production stages. Each product goes through 5 stages of quality control.

  • selection and verification of the components
  • quality control of the initial assembly
  • checks on the equipment for proper firmware
  • quality control of the final product’s assembly
  • 24-hour testing of all the features of the final product at our laser tag arenas.

4. Complete laser tag sets offers a full range of laser tag device sets to current laser tag club owners and to those who are just planning to start their laser tag business. Such sets are made according to our own experience and the experience of the clubs created on the basis of our equipment. We provide only proven solutions to the ways of convenient game conducting, and the ways to interest customers of different ages. The sets are provided with the calculation of the cost recovery for any level of budget and club size: from basic models with a standard set of functions to premium ones.

5. Marketing support and business recoupment

Choosing us as a supplier of laser tag equipment, you receive comprehensive assistance and support. We will provide you with all the necessary marketing materials for the opening and developing your laser tag business, and also help with the planning and designing of arenas of any complexity. We will help in drafting a business-plan, provide a package of audio courses on conducting laser tag business and training materials on the conduct of games.

6. Warranty and service

A warranty up to 24 months for all the equipment and efficient technical support from the company during operating time will ensure the uninterrupted work of your laser tag club.

7. An official contract for the supply of equipment

If you decided to buy laser tag equipment by, you can be sure in our compliance with the law. The company concludes a contract for the equipment delivery with a guarantee of delivery dates.

8. Test drive equipment

To make sure of the high quality of our equipment, to check its work in practice and evaluate how interesting the game is you may use our test drive service.We will dispel all of you doubts!

9. Convenient payment

To pay for your purchase, you can choose one of the following payment methods:

  • cash
  • transfer to a card
  • transfer to a bank account
  • money transfer
  • Yandex money

10. Worldwide delivery

More than 27 countries are using equipment. We guarantee an efficient delivery of the order wherever you are.

Competitive advantages of the equipment

After a long-term cooperation with a supplier the customer expects to get not only a high-quality and reliable product, but also new developments that will make a game more interesting and exciting to heat up the interest of visitors. understands it better than anyone else and makes every effort to please its customers with various novelties.

1. Impact-resistant laser tag gun

A well-thought-out ultrastrong case is a unique development of As our company owns its own laser tag arenas, we know better than anyone else what laser tag weapons are supposed to be like. It must be wearproof, long-lasting, safe, adapted for rental. All the details are considered in the FALCON rifle. The rifle can easily withstand the weight of a car, it does not have protruding or sharp elements, it is light and safe.

2. Impulse recoil simulation

One of the unique developments of the company is laser tag equipment with an exclusive impulse recoil simulation. A specially designed module allows the player to feel the recoil of the gun as realistically as possible. In contrast to the usual vibration of the gun, the impulse response is guaranteed to evoke a lot of positive emotions, this WOW-effect will appeal to both adults and kids.

3. The most informative screen:10 indicators.

An LCD screen shows more than 10 indicators simultaneously. It permits the player to follow the game process: see the current result (injures, the number of lives, hits etc.), and help the player make the decisions; like what to do to lead the team to the victory. Besides with the help of the screen an instructor can check the battery charge and prepare the equipment for the game in the minimal of time.

4. Equipment control through a high speed Wi-Fi channel

All the game kits are equipped with Wi-Fi modules, and instead of the traditional radio base we use a secure powerful Wi-Fi router. It provides a comfortable game: the wires do not restrain the movements and the Wi-Fi module provides a constant uninterrupted connection and allows you to remotely control several dozen sets at the same time. The reaction rate in this case is 0.01 sec. Wi-Fi equipment, used in gaming kits, is certified, safe and does not exceed permissible terms, i.e. The device is similar to the models used in offices, apartments, malls etc.

5. Convenient software

The software developed by allows the administrator to control the game with a phone or a tablet. The user-friendly software allows not only to change the gaming settings, get the game statistics in real time but also to see the game events chat. Our Android application allows the administrator to set a timer for starting and stopping the game, there is also a function to split the players in teams, to create characters, and to change the equipment settings. The design is perfectly adapted for the user to cope with any task in a couple of clicks. The software can also be used to manage and control business. It stores all the information about gaming sessions, the number of visitors, etc.

6. The scenario creator

What makes laser tag not just ‘shooting in the area’ but an exciting, intellectual and tactical game that involves not only your physical abilities but also an individual’s resourcefulness? It is of course the scenario! offers scenarios for all tastes: Zombies, The Survivor, The Hostages. In such scenarios every player gets a role which demands certain skills. It makes the gameplay captivating and unpredictable. And the scenario creator allows you to make your own game scenario and to play by your rules.

7. Fiscal Statistics

The section with fiscal statistics was created especially for the owners of laser tag arenas. This tool allows to control your business: here you can find the information about games and the used equipment, so that you can control the rental of laser tag sets. Only the owner has the access to the statistics.

8. SMART accessories

There is a development department in the company which creates the unique gaming devices to make the gameplay more interesting and dynamic. Smart “domination box” with the visualization of the capture level and five game modes, a trip-wire mine with ultrasonic motion sensor, and bombs are only the part of all the unique gaming devices created by our developers that can thrill the players and take your arena to a new level.

9. Online game statistics

The software allows you to get the game statistics in real-time and see the game events chat. Also you have a chance to surprise your customers by printing the results of their game on the company letter heads. Visiting such an arena will be remembered for a long time.

10. The laser tag weapons, adapted for all the categories of players

Laser tag weapons were designed in such a way that it is comfortable to play not only for an adult but also for kids. A rifle of 850 grams provides a comfortable game process for more than 2 hours. A streamline shape, the absence of protruding and sharp elements makes the game process both comfortable and safe.

11. The Airbunker manufacturer: inflatable bunkers for tournaments and away games.

The players’ safety and the opportunity to perform scenarios depend on the quality of the laser tag arena. An excellent option for setting a laser tag arena in a wide variety of areas is inflatable bunkers. Unlike tires, barrels and the other old equipment, usually used for arenas, bunkers have a number of advantages. They are better looking, safer and more comfortable. They are easily transported, inflated and deflated in 30 seconds that allows you to prepare the arena without much effort.

The equipment for a laser tag arena

1. A wear-resistant vest

The hygiene and wear-resistance are the main points for rental equipment. The textile foundation of the vest is made of Cordura material which is distinguished by its durability. The PVC lining does not absorb moisture and does not become dirty during the gaming day. It is easy to take care of since you can remove a dirty spot from the surface with a damp sponge. The vest straps allow you to adjust the size for the players’ comfort.

2. A strengthen cable

The vest is connected by a special cable. This equipment element is exposed to the damage during the usage. That is why we paid special attention to it. The reinforced coverage of the cable makes it resistant to any kind of pressure in the attachment spots which prolongs the service time of the cable.

3. The sensor of the second hand

Such a sensor helps to avoid traumas when the player tries to shoot holding the gun with one hand, pulling the gun forward. The sensor allows the player to shoot holding the gun with both hands.

4. Laser light

A read beam of the laser tag weapons will impress the players and create a special atmosphere at the arena. Note that the gun is equipped with a first class safe laser.

5. Damage zones

The game kit includes 4 damage spots with differentiated levels of damage: abdomen, shoulders, back and gun. When the player is shot the equipment reacts with vibration and light of the RGB-indication. The damage level can be adjusted with the software.

6. Multistation: 7 game modes

The multistation solves the main problem of the laser tag arena. It expands the range of gameplay scenarios and thereby attracts more customers. The multistation LCD screen shows any one of the 7 game modes. The big screen gives the players an opportunity to see it from afar so that the players can build the tactics without approaching. You can operate the multistation with a remote or special software. After the release of new game modes there is no need to buy a new multistation, just download the new firmware and use the latest products. Downloading will take no more than 20 seconds.

7. Sirius: a mobile station with 6 game modes.

The Sirius station is multifunctional and it can maintain a wide range of laser tag games scenarios. Currently Sirius works in 6 modes: respawn, radiation, first aid kit, arsenal, random and base. The station is mobile (light, small, with offline power supply), with a bright design, durable and easy to operate. Sirius can be used together with a multistation to enhance the dynamic of the game.

The Company does everything possible to ensure that the business of our customers is prosperous: we will provide all the necessary things to successfully develop your laser tag arena.