The coronavirus problem really stirred up the public! One way or another it also affected the entertainment business.
    Now, most people are quite aware and have a complete understanding of what to do if you are diagnosed with a virus, how it is spreading, and also how many people have already recovered! The governments of many countries have already enforced quarantine, trying to minimize the number of cases, preventing the outbreak of the virus at an early stage.
    Despite the fact that quarantine can harm small businesses we, as a practicing company, know how to minimize financial losses. At the moment, in many countries, laser tag clubs are completely quarantined, while others have restrictions that prevent large groups of people from going to entertainment venues. We have prepared a list of recommendations that will help you protect yourself and your customers, as well as allow you to use the “pause in work” for effective preparation for the laser tag season!


    Provide the maximum level of safety for visitors, this will eliminate the fears and concerns of people, as well as minimize the likelihood that someone will get infected.
    This is quite simple to do if you stick to the following rules:
    • Disinfect the game kits after each session using special means;
    • Equip the toilets with disinfecting soap, and place antiseptics with dispensers near the playgrounds. This will allow visitors to carry out disinfecting procedures between sessions.
    • During the briefing, pay attention to disinfection, tell the players how they can protect themselves (wash their hands before the sessions, regularly use antiseptics, etc.).
    • Provide all the employees with medical masks and gloves, oblige them to change their protective equipment in accordance with WHO requirements.
    • If your region has restrictions on crowds, follow them and play games in groups according to established restrictions.
    • If you have a laser tag arena, ensure regular ventilation of the room!

    Share all the measures for fighting the virus used in your institution on social networks, and website!


    We have prepared an informational poster that you can print and hang up at your club, or put it up on your Internet resources for the laser tag center!
    If operation of entertainment facilities is currently banned, these actions will help you in the post-quarantine period, when, despite the absence of prohibitions, people will still have anxiety.


    The process of preparing for the season is described in detail in our material: “How to prepare a laser tag club for the season?” , It will not hurt to update your club.
    This time that you have can be used for:
    • creating a new laser tag center design;
    • improving old and creating new playgrounds that will allow you to increase the efficiency and profits of the laser tag club;
    • additions to the laser tag center with industry news that we have specially prepared for the season for you and your visitors (the NETRONIC TACTICAL line: the SCORPION shock-band, Glock-19 blaster, tactical vest and much more);
    • install the latest firmware and software versions. For example, the Netronic 19.2 firmware will open new modes, and game characters for you and your visitors!
    You can talk about all the innovations on social networks, this will attract the attention of players, as well as arouse their interest!


    Many laser tag clubs are partners with event agencies, as well as other companies in the field of outdoor activities and entertainment. If you do not have such partners, now is the best moment to build cooperation. Other companies will also not be too busy during quarantine, so they will be able to make time for your proposal, and negotiate the conditions for effective and beneficial cooperation.
    During the season partner companies can be useful for:
    • attracting visitors;
    • diversifying the range of services of your establishment;
    • conducting joint thematic events.


    You can organize a training course for laser tag club employees, and this can be done remotely without spending any money. To conduct the course, you can ask employees to share their experience, and aspects that allow them to conduct the sessions more efficiently. In addition, there are materials on our social network and our website that will improve your service and help organize games.
    Training the employees will positively affect their productivity and the quality of your laser tag center!

    Useful materials:


    Proper planning after the quarantine is over will allow you to get back to a normal rhythm much faster.
    You have the opportunity to carefully consider thematic events and promotions for the entire season. Preparing a general strategy and a calendar of events, you can reduce the efforts aimed at marketing promotion throughout the season.
    Proper planning


    The outbreak of the virus is a shared problem, and only due to joint efforts will we be able to cope with it in the near future and return to the normal rhythm of life. Our production and team continue to work as usual. We will not only fulfill all our obligations, but also try to provide maximum support to all our partners, as well as regularly please you with new useful material that will help to cope with the consequences of quarantine.
    Remember that the actions of the government are aimed at quickly and effectively coping with the outbreak of the virus. Therefore, we recommend using this time during the quarantine as an opportunity to stabilize and thoroughly prepare for the season.