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Headband NETRONIC has embodied lots of features aimed at immersing into the game process and providing comfortable usage. Minimized size of the sensors and control unit, zonal vibro-indication, inverse mode, super-bright diodes etc.
What headband type is more durable and comfortable in usage? We have carried out a survey among our clients who are the owners of the laser tag centers, and now we know the answer!
No matter equipment of what manufacturer you use in your laser tag center, eventually you have to change textile padding of the headband as well as some parts of electronics. Usually in this case you had to buy a new headband, but we have found the way to reduce your expenses. Now you don’t have to buy entirely new product, you may just replace some elements with new ones.
Demountable construction is one of the key features of the new headband. The process of headband dissembling takes only 5 minutes! Easy access to the electronics simplifies the maintenance service. All components of the headband used to be connected by soldering and that made their replacing process more complicated. In the new headband NETRONIC the control unit is connected to the sensors with special connectors.
Unzip the moisture-resistant zip and with a help of a screwdriver conduct all the procedure by yourself. In the video we have shown the easiness of this process. It’s enough just to unscrew fastening bolts and disconnect the wires from the hit sensors.
Learn all the advantages of the NETRONIC. This outdoor laser tag system won’t leave you untouched!