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Digest - The main news of March

March was quite eventful for our company, from the opening of additional production to the launch of sales of a new VR product! Therefore, in this digest we will share the main news and results of the month!

New production

Since March, we have begun work on the launch of an additional production line, which allows us to work smoothly, despite the situation in Ukraine. Logistics center, large-unit assembly, QA and technical support departments are already operating at the new location.
For the first half of March, we prepared a lot of orders for shipment:

22 Falcon taggers for the largest chain of escape rooms in Switzerland

Doryan-Emmanuel Rappaz has been cooperating with us since 2017, during this time he has purchased more than 100 game kits and opened the largest chain of quest rooms with laser tag in 4 cities.

14 game-kits for launching the first SHOCK-FIGHT club in Romania

We have prepared a set of equipment for playing laser tag with shock-bands, which allow you to feel the hits as realistic as in paintball. For more immersion in the game, the owners of the Romanian club decided to use NETRONIC vests instead of classic headbands!

VION VR conquers Europe!

Prepared VR game kits and software for the fourth arena on VION equipment opening in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We have created special offer that will allow you to launch a VR arena in a week, as well as save up to 50% on the purchase of a VR system.

Now you can purchase a license for the software separately and install it on your VR headsets. The first client to purchase VION software was Ludovic Donati, president of the largest event agency in France - VOLT EVENTS !

Learn more about purchasing a VR software license: https://lasertag.net/blog/new-solution-for-quick-launch

We also continue to prepare large orders for our customers from the USA, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Japan and other countries.
Subscribe to our social networks, where we show how orders are being prepared:Our sales and technical support departments are working as usual, we continue to receive orders, as well as serve customers from all over the world. Our dealers and partners from the USA, Italy, France and Spain also help us with this!

During the last week of March, we received several orders for the purchase of FALCON F1 for laser tag centers in Denmark, Israel, France, Italy.
We donate 30% of each order of FALCON F1 Premium taggers to support the Ukrainian Army and volunteers, as well as help the Ukrainian laser tag community! If you want to help our company and Ukraine, follow the link: https://lasertag.net/blog/how-to-support-us