The SCORPION shock-band. Laser tag will never be the same!

Outdoor laser tag is a tactical team game in which players are armed with blasters that shoot infrared rays. It is generally believed that laser tag does not cause such a strong adrenaline rush like paintball or airsoft.
That was before…
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Strengthened shipping bag

For comfortable and safe transportation of laser tag equipment we have started producing special shipping bags. The bag can house 6 gaming kits and additional equipment of small sizes.
The bag is made of thick Oxford cloth of black color, durable and resistant to dirt and soaking.
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NETRONIC headband

Our new NETRONIC is designed with the goal of satisfying our customers’ wishes and  applying the best practices developed when creating earlier headband models. It incorporates all the necessary features for a reliable operation under heavy use conditions associated with rented equipment.

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PRO RGB-vest with hit sensors

We present you the PRO version of the RGB-vest with hit sensors produced by LASERTAG.NET Read more

SMART Remote Control

Comfortable laser tag by LASERTAG.NET becomes even more user-friendly. Welcome the new member of SMART series devices  – Smart Remote Control. Read more

Smart Domination Box

LASERTAG.NET has just added one more “smart” device to their repertoire and it has just raised the bar. We are happy to present you with a totally new laser tag device now on the market which has stepped up the expectations of active gamers – Smart Domination Box.
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Remote control Smart Mini

Laser tag is a hi-tech game, and high technologies always seek to optimize their size. The new generation of Laser tag game devices from LASERTAG.NET presents its remote control Smart Mini.

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The vest with defeat sensors of hitting

We present you a vest for the laser tag with sensors of hitting. By its functionality the vest does not differ from RGB-headband, but it can make the game more alive for entourage fans.
Let’s learn more about the characteristics and features of this laser tag equipment, which make it an excellent alternative to the traditional headband.

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Ultrasonic tripwire mine


Bomb LASERTAG.NET «Lite» is suitable for both laser tag and paintball. Thus, a club conducting both combats will get a multi-purpose explosive device. The bomb adds diversity to your favorite scenarios as well as enables to create new ones. Not surprisingly, most common plots of blockbusters feature an activated bomb and a necessity to deactivate it.

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