The latest firmware version 19.1 is available for download! We have greatly extended the features and optimized the outdoor laser tag system NETRONIC, as well as fixed bugs.

We added many new features which were not available for outdoor laser tag before. We have made laser tag battles more realistic, improved the stability and quality of the equipment’s connection and also improved the automation of the gaming process.

Open up new possibilities of the NETRONIC platform!


Game without headband

Now your clients can play laser tag without a headband or vest, what is particularly relevant in hot summers.
You also can use a laser tag gun for gaming even if the headband’s battery is dead. You may turn on/off the option of using a headband as an autonomous device via the Android app or Windows.

Game without laser tag gun

In the same way, you can play laser tag using just a headband. This option is available for modes like Zombie and Medic. You don’t need an additional head band for the given modes. You can damage your opponents using the NETRONIC system and headband which is part of a standard game kit. One game kit may be given to two players (a laser tag gun for one player and a headband for another player), by that you can greatly increase the capacity of your laser tag center.

New game modes

In Zombie mode the player who plays role of zombie is able to deactivate opponents, using headband only. In order to do this, he has to approach the enemy at a distance of 1 meter. Zombie is affected by radiation treatment effects.

In Medic mode, the player uses a headband to heal teammates. In order to replenish health points, he needs to approach the teammate at a distance of 1 meter. Thus the teammate will automatically get 25 health points.

To enable new game modes, you have to turn the headband on, and then activate the Zombie or Medic using remote control buttons. You will control the headbands in zombie and medic modes by remote control. Statistics doesn’t display the actions of the zombie and the medic.

Shoot Through – laser tag bullets go right through!

This feature increases the liveliness and variety of game battles. Having turned the shoot through option on, the laser tag bullet will go through one player and damage the opponent who stands behind him. You can use shoot through both with a headband and vest. Shoot through can be turned on and off with the Windows or Android app.

Vest and headband operate together now

Vests and headband may be used both together and separately. Joint use significantly increases the damage volume increasing the realism. Current laser tag clubs owners who use the equipment on the NETRONIC platform can buy a vest or headband separately to make the game more realistic.
The vest or headband battery life is indicated on the OLED-display of the laser tag gun and in the app.

Differentiated damage in outdoor laser tag!

NETRONIC is the first outdoor laser tag system in which the differential damage feature was implemented.
It allows you to set a certain amount of damage for each zone (head, chest, back, shoulders). It allows you to, not only increase the realism of battles, but also to create a new variety scenarios, such as back damage only and so on. You can change the parameters and the number of health units taken away using the Android or Windows apps.

Bleeding and regeneration

These new features are implemented to make the scenarios more varied and to increase the pace of laser tag battles. If you turn on the bleeding function, after the player gets wounded he loses a set number of health units over a set period. Regeneration allows you to restore health points provided the player hasn’t received damaged during a period of 5 minutes.

Laser tag gun hitting

You can choose the effect that will be triggered when the sensors on the laser tag gun are hit: shock (the weapon stops shooting for a certain time), causing damage or do nothing. This feature makes laser tag battles more variable.

Even more health units!

The maximum amount of health was increased to 999 units, previously this indicator was limited to 254 units. Increased health allows you to create more flexible scenarios.

Anti-cheat technology

This technology allows you to identify players who are trying to disable the headband during the game. When trying to disconnect, the player’s laser tag gun will display a message about a violation of the rules, a similar message will be sent to the instructor in the application so that he can fix the problem and prevent cheating.

Improved game balance

The invulnerability time after the player’s respawn has been increased up to 3 seconds (the parameter can be changed or disabled in the settings of the Android app). This is necessary so that the dominant team can not deactivate the players of the opposite team right at their base.

Feedback range increased

The range of feedback (sound confirmation of hitting an opponent) has been increased to 120 m. In previous versions of the firmware it was 60 m.

Run the games easily!


Remote game kits disabling

Now you can disable the game kits power by remote control in the Android app. This feature allows one instructor to disable tens of game kits in a few seconds. NETRONIC is the only laser tag platform in the world with the features the ability to remotely turn off game kits.

A new level of communication stability

Due to the transition to a new protocol for transmitting data via Wi-Fi channel the communication of equipment is more stable. This protocol provides high-speed, uninterrupted communication between game kits and a control device (PC, smartphone, or tablet). This functionality will provide a comfortable gameplay for all participants, as well as continuous statistics.

Increased headband life up to 20%

A headband, on NETRONIC, has had its power consumption optimized up to 20% and that allows you to run many more games on one battery charge.

Prevention of accidental shutdowns

Time to disconnect the kit which is in game mode was increased. To prevent accidental shutdown, the button must be held for 10 seconds (previously 3 sec.). In stand-by mode, as before, the shutdown time is 3 seconds. If the laser tag gun was turned off by mistake, you can turn it on and continue playing without additional settings.

More information on a laser tag gun screen

Now you can see the name of the Wi-Fi network as well as the connection status. Thus you will be able to more efficiently determine and track which Wi-Fi networks the game kit is connected to.

Maximum usability in software

Maximum usability in software

User manual right in the app

There is a new user manual in the Android app which allows you to quickly learn the functionality of the program. We have created many tooltips that describe the functions for each menu item.

New mechanism for saving game parameters

Even when leaving the signal coverage area, the user can continue to play. The player will be able to continue the fight even if the connection is broken. Player’s game parameters and statistics will automatically be uploaded to the server the next time the player returns to the Wi-Fi coverage area.

New achievements in statistics

The achievements board now only has praiseworthy titles! At the end of the game, no one will receive a negative achievement – this is especially important for the smallest visitors, so that everyone will be happy!

Personal player’s statistics

Personal statistics now can be saved for viewing and printing after the game using Android. After the game, a file with the personal statistics of each player is created on a tablet or smartphone. It can be printed on a beautiful letterhead and given to the player.

Statistics on a big screen

The Lasertag Statistics app broadcasts a detailed view of the game, with all its events.
Now you can play statistics using the Android and Windows applications for outdoor laser tag. Thus, you can display visual information about the progress of the game on a big screen using any device that is convenient for you. Statistics won’t bore, but will increase the involvement of spectators during tournaments.

More stable work of the system

In addition to the introduction of new features we’ve worked on bugs which were identified during testing.

  • Localization’s update: all the text misprints, untranslated text elements in the App’s interface have been corrected. Russian, English and Spanish localization have been improved.

  • The operation of the second-hand sensor was fixed: now the second-hand sensor works correctly, even with prolonged holding.

  • The Windows application works correctly with MULTISTATION: now you can directly interact with the MULTISTATION scenario device using the Windows application.

  • The laser tag gun battery is now displayed with an error rate of less than 5% in all applications and on the OLED display.

  • Saving game parameters: the parameters of the game sets are not reset after restarting the game. The volume settings are now saved when you change the command.

  • Vibration indication disabling: now the vibration indication of hits can be disabled, both in individual and general settings.

  • Disabling recoil: in the Android app, you can now disable impulse recoil.

  • Work with Wi-Fi has been improved: fixed error message about connecting to the network.

  • Correct display of icons: fixed incorrect displaying of icons on the laser tag gun display.

  • Stable work with scenarios: all errors related to working with standard and custom scenarios have been fixed. The application is more stable, problems with occasional crashes have been fixed.

We have taken a new step on the way to creating the most technologically advanced laser tag equipment. Future and present clients are provided with the most advanced features in the industry.

The new firmware version is available for all owners of NETRONIC game kits purchased since October 2018. For earlier versions of equipment running on a Wi-Fi channel, firmware upgrade is also possible, but in a service center.

To fill out an application for an update of the firmware, fill out the form, and the specialists of our service center will contact you as soon as possible.


Since September of this year, all game kits on the NETRONIC platform are released with support for new functionality.