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Great news for our customers all over the world! New firmware update for game kits working on the Wi-Fi TAGNET platform

The whole bunch of new features grants each player the most comfortable game conditions while regular customers also get scenario surprises. Learn more about new features of the Android application here.

What are the options of the new firmware?

1. Use scenario configurator not only through Windows but also through Android application.

It includes scenario configurations of game kits and conditions to automatically stop game round and define the winner. Current program versions allow one to set up to 6 different conditions of pre-term end of the game round: base or Domination Box capture, reaching points limit, etc.

2. Switch off headband vibro hit indication

Depending on the preferences of your customers, you can leave only sound or light effects as a hit indication. You will also save up to 25% of battery when switching off the shock imitation.

3. Automatic laser tag gun reload

The option to shoot without necessity to reload the gun has been implemented specially for young players and lovers of extraordinary scenarios – laser tag gun is reloaded automatically. Activate this option using settings of a player tab in the application.

4. New fire mode switch algorithm

Using previous version of the program you had to hold a reload button located on the body of laser tag gun for some time to switch between the fire modes (semiautomatic, short burst or automatic). New version though lets you select fire mode simply by double pressing reload button within one second.

5. Switch off the option to change fire mode

Now instructors can use Android or Windows application to switch off selection of fire modes option, depending on requirements of players or scenario conditions.

6. Switch laser tag gun hit sensors on and off

Body of the laser tag rifle is one of the most hit targets during the laser tag game. Now you can narrow hit zone simply by switching off the gun hit sensitivity. This option is extremely useful when running games for children. Update firmware of your game kits (use v17.0.57 version for laser tag guns and v1.21 one for headbands ) to access new features of the software. Updates are available in the technical support section here.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical support here in case you face any troubles.