The sales of a new generation of indoor laser tag game set GALAXY Eclipse officially begins today.


    The development of the GALAXY Eclipse set began back in 2017, with the following goals:
    • Develop a new design that makes players want to play at a glance.

    • Reduce the size and weight of the playset to provide comfort and safety for players of all ages.

    • Create game modes and opportunities that are not available in other sets of equipment, so that visitors choose our partners’ laser tag arenas!
    In 2018 the first prototype of the GALAXY Eclipse was presented at the IAAPA exhibition in Amsterdam. And despite the fact that its appearance attracted the attention of all the visitors of the stand, there was still a lot of work to do.
    And now, almost two years later, we are ready to present you GALAXY Eclipse – a new generation of indoor laser tag game kits with smart sensor illumination, a motion control system, and unique game modes that will make your visitors superheroes.