GALAXY PULSE: the awakening of the laser tag arena system!

GALAXY Pulse is the first only laser tag system for the arena with impulse recoil. GALAXY Pulse is a new branch of the GALAXY space laser tag system, all of its best qualities have been preserved in it, and a new function has come available that significantly increases the realism of the game.

Time-proven quality!

In less than a year, GALAXY arena laser tag game kits have become a solid core for laser tag centers from around the world. The main advantages are:

  • The bright OLED display that shows up to 12 game indicators in real time;
  • Dynamic illumination of the blaster body and laser indication of shots bring space vibes to the game;
  • The blaster body has 11 structural reinforcement spots, stiffeners and landing modules for electronics. Due to which it is able to withstand falls, bumps and other tests of arena rental;
  • The reinforced cord connecting the vest and the blaster withstands bends, pulls, and does not interfere with the game;
  • The adjusting vest size is suitable for players of any age and body type. The inner lining repels moisture and does not absorb odors, which minimizes the time and resources spent on maintenance of the kit between the sessions;
  • A safety belt and a capacitive hand sensor prevent the players from making sweeping movements;
  • A rubber tip protects the emitter and softens collisions with shelters and other surfaces of the arena.

What is PULSE technology?

PULSE is a special module that sends impulses directed to the player’s shoulder with each shot. This creates the feeling of a real shot being fired and maximizes the realism of the game. Pulses are completely synchronized with shots. If you shoot once you feel one hit, if you shoot several times, several impulses are sent. Unlike vibration, which acts evenly throughout the entire blaster body, the impulses are as close as possible to a real shot, since the pushes are directed clearly towards the player’s shoulder.

Battery life

The GALAXY Pulse game kit is able to work continuously for more than one game day. The Pulse impulse recoil module is powered by a separate battery, so the battery life does not differ from ordinary GALAXY.

  • Settings are made using a single program for windows;
  • GALAXY Pulse and standard GALAXY game kits can participate in one session;
  • Full support for working with scenario devices like SIRIUS, Multistation and the SMART domination box. It allows you to make the game even more interesting;
  • The script designer allows you to customize the settings of game kits and scenario devices creating fascinating stories for the game;
  • Statistics and game progress are displayed in real-time on a large screen. It attracts the attention of people passing by, and also encourages them to actively support the players.

Like GALAXY only better!

Impulse simulation of recoil is sure to become the trademark of your laser tag arena, as there is no such technology in any other arena equipment. The technology excites players of all ages, the effect of impulse simulation of recoil cannot be fully described in words or videos that’s why we are waiting for you at the exhibitions and presentations so that you can test the new GALAXY Pulse arena laser tag kit with your own hands. Follow the news about exhibitions and presentations on our social networks and blog.

If you don’t have the opportunity to get to the nearest exhibition, order a test drive and get the chance to test the new GALAXY Pulse game kits within two weeks using a set of fascinating scenarios.

Get a catalog with ready-made kits for opening an exclusive arena in your area with GALAXY Pulse game sets.