The clients of laser tag centers are usually interested in their game results: hits inflicted, frags number, points gained and other indications. They want to know where they have been the most efficient. Besides, even if a player’s team has lost, he/she still can be ranked as expert shot.
    Indoor laser tag system GALAXY registers all the parameters of the laser tag battle: player’s hitting, base capture, position in ranking table and so on.
    The log of events registers all the players’ actions from the beginning till the end of the game. The events are displayed in real time in app for Windows installed on the PC. This app shows personal and team statistics.
    At the end of the game all players are given certain title based on players achievements and their game style. You may share the stats on your social net page or print it out with your club logo. Players usualy like discussing their results.
    The TV-OUT feature allows displaying the general game statistics and event log. This option entertains even those who has come just to support the players and allows funs to watch the game process.
    Online statistics of the laser tag battle increases the players’ involvement into the game and raises their competitiveness. It is also needed for an objective judging and controversial situation solving.
    Online statistics – one of the options ofindoor laser tag system GALAXY.
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