Get ready for the season: the updated Vortex charger and Smart remote сontrol

We’re introducing updated versions of the Vortex Charger and Smart Remote Сontrol. Based on your feedback, we’ve improved and expanded the features of these devices.

The new generation of the Vortex charger allows you to charge up to 20 gaming kits, thereby making it easier to get ready for the game.

The Vortex charger also features:

  • A metal case that withstands drops;
  • Improved cooling system and overvoltage protection;
  • The ability to charge compactly.

Learn more about the benefits by link.

A feature of the updated Smart Remote Control is the ability to make adjustments to your vest, headband or tagger without connecting to software.

In addition, the new Remote has added:

  • 3 new buttons: “turn off the gaming kit”, “apply 1 unit of damage”, and “double the damage of the gaming kit”;
  • Ability to program and copy functions of the buttons.

Read the full review following this link.