GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol

GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol is the first gun of the military stylized NETRONIC Tactical line, which will also include other guns and devices that capture hits.

NETRONIC Tactical will attract more adult players to your laser tag center, and also all the fans of realistic laser tag battles.

7 facts about GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol

1. PULSAR Technology

The system of two paired emitters provides an optimal hit area at a short distance of up to 5 meters, and gives a focused beam even at a long distance starting from 40 meters.

2. Original body

We use a licensed body from the German manufacturer Umarex. There are all the corresponding engravings and extrusions on the body of the laser tag gun, just like on the original gun.

3. Durability and lightness

The GLOCK-19 body is made of polymeric materials, which make it resistant to mechanical damage and dynamic loading. Polymer materials are lighter than metal, so even the youngest players can comfortably use the GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol.

4. Authentic Reload

To reload the GLOCK-19 laser tag pistol you must completely remove the magazine, and then return it to its place. This increases the realism of the game, the reload time of the gun depends on the player’s skills.

5. Shortened board

Despite the fact that the gun body is much smaller than the FALCON gun, we managed to develop a reduced board so that the laser tag gun had the full functionality of the NETRONIC system.

6. Preservation of the mechanisms of the original design

Creating the GLOCK-19 laser tag gun, it was decided to keep the lockwork mechanism. Thus, when fired, a trembling in the handle is felt.

7. Hear every shot

The speaker is located underneath the backsight. It allows the player to clearly hear the sound indication of shots and game events. To make the game more realistic, we used sounds as close to the original gun as possible.
Soon we will introduce the next representatives of the NETRONIC Tactical line. Follow our social networks so you don’t miss anything.

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