Recently we have told you about our trip to Mexico and today we are ready to share the new portion of emotions we brought right from England where we hold a series of laser tag equipment presentation.
    We have have made a long distanced trip to hold 8 presentations in 7 cities of Great Britain.
    We already have active clients in England, and we have decided to continue expanding our client’s map in this direction. So we went right to the capital – London, and along with it we have also visited Exeter, Newcastle upon Tyne, Whitley Bay, Huntington.
    It was interesting to discover that almost all our potential clients are extraordinary people. Their routine supposes taking part in Formula 1 with Pink Floyd drummer, friendship with bodyguards of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, clothes line launching. They also have the great experience in running quest rooms and paintball clubs all over Great Britain and provide the most part of Europe with paintball equipment.
    All the participants of the presentations have appreciated technological effectiveness of our laser tag equipment. OLED-screen, impulse recoil, software – its functionality and user-friendly interface, sound card and light indication of the indoor laser tag equipment

    One of our clients readily agreed to come to our presentation despite the fact that he had just purchased the equipment of another company. And after the presentation he avowed that he really rushed with his purchase. Soon he is planning to launch few locations and now he is ready to cooperate with our company.
    After the presentations most of the participants have ordered equipment for test-drive to test it in real conditions of rental. And as a result we have already signed our first contract for equipment supply.
    In conclusion, we may say that our trip to Britain has shown that we have chosen the right direction – we leveled up the quality of our equipment and receive good reviews from people who can be trusted – experienced owners of laser tag clubs and arenas who have been involved in this business for more than 30 years.
    The trip went well, but we are not going to rest on our laurels and right now we’re thinking about where we will hold the next presentations of laser tag equipment.
    And meanwhile we keep working on our product as new features and improvement of the existing product are our priority, as always.