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Having decided to come to grips with laser tag business, you are close to key issue. This is choice of equipment for your club. Though return on investment is dynamic and relatively quick, equipment’s cost is sufficiently high. Therefore, opting for the products of a particular producer, one should pay attention to a number of important indicators and factors.


Your manufacturer must have a proven and, most importantly, successful track record in laser tag equipment production and operation, easily verifiable by any potential customer using current customers’ testimonials made available by the producer.
You should have the possibility to receive feedback or get advice from a person experienced in co-operation with such manufacturer, to have unbiased information you need to know.


In today’s dynamic world, equipment manufacturing technology and functionality advance at an ever increasing pace. Therefore, you must be sure that equipment of your choice will give an edge to your arena over the others. Surely enough, one would hardly find two different producers making equipment with absolutely identical features and characteristics. However, you should bear in mind several key features that distinguish modern high-quality equipment:

  • Wireless sensor-tagger connection.
  • Headband with sensors complete with RGB elements.
  • Ability to control and configure all laser tag weapons involved in the battle round using the base station.
  • Availability of a handy and easy-to-operate programmed remote control enabling changes and adjustment of weapons settings.
  • A wide variety of preprogrammed sound effects: ranging from weapon shots to battery charge level sound indication.
  • Most ergonomic and authentic design of laser tag weapon models.
  • Capability for integration of additional devices into gameplay scenarios.


The specificity of laser tag equipment purchase is that it is produced against custom orders. A credible and reliable manufacturer will guarantee you that you will have your equipment within the agreed dates, as well as complete compliance of the equipment delivered to the agreed scope of supply and equipment specifications. In addition, you should be sure of the quality and operability of the playsets. And should any defects be found, you will have faulty equipment replaced or repaired for free under the warranty within the period stipulated therein. Such a manufacturer will be able to supply you any required spare parts or components that may need replacement or repair due to a lengthy and intensive use of laser tag equipment.


Once laser tag equipment you ordered is delivered to you, you will inevitably have a lot of questions regarding operation or configuration of one or another device. It is quite natural when making first steps in a new business and a responsible manufacturer will always be there for you staying in touch to help you through this start-up period, giving you quality and professional advice on hosting laser tag games, operation and service of your equipment, and, if needed, arranging workshop sessions and providing you with additional instructional materials.