Continuing the series of briefings as for laser tag game conducting, today we’d like to explain how to run the game and how the instructor should treat laser tag equipment after the game. As the way you deal with the equipment partly effects its durability.

    How to give equipment and start a game

    How to give equipment and start a game
    After training process is over it’s time to give laser tag weapons to the players. Laser tag rifles and headbands are given in switched on mode, according to requests and players’ age and physical parameters. Falcon F2 laser tag rifles with long stock are recommended for adults while Falcon F1ones with shortened stock are better for children.
    After laser tag guns have been given to players you should take them to the game field, take teams to their starting points, make sure all the equipment works, ask if everybody is ready, start final countdown, and say “START”.

    Tasks of instructors after the game

    Tasks of instructors after the game
    After the game is finished the instructor has to stock all laser tag game kitstogether for storing till the next game.
    In order to do this the instructor has to:
    • Switch off all laser tag game kits not to waste battery;
    • Count game kits. Make sure that nothing is missing;
    • Take off all hygienic cuffs from the headbands;
    • Move all game kits to the storing place and if necessary put them to charge (light indicator on the charger will show if a game kit is charged or not);
    • In case collimator sights were used they should be switched off, removed from laser tag rifles, and put into the special cases to keep lenses safe.
    Note: it is not recommended to leave charging game kits over night!