The ability to work with clients is the basis of a good service of the laser tag arena. Qualitatively provided service will certainly make a person desire to return for more.

    Politeness is the key to success!

    The first impression forms a general opinion about your facility. Good service begins with politeness, show it to all visitors and especially to children.
    This is just an ordinary working day for an arena worker, but a visit to the laser tag arena is a significant event for each client and it is often part of a celebration (for instance, Birthday), so your main task is to make every client feel a true holiday. Investing in a good customer’s mood is ten times higher in its effectiveness than any traditional advertising format.
    This material will give you step-by-step instructions on how to work correctly with visitors at all stages of holding games in the laser tag arena.


    The arena administrator should meet visitors, introduce himself/herself and ask the name and time the laser game was booked for. If the client did not make the booking, offer the nearest free time. If the arena is busy at that time, you should offer to book for a convenient time or wait in the recreation area.
    Spend a short tour showing how to get to:
    • wardrobe;
    • restroom;
    • rest zone;
    • briefing area;
    • entrance to the arena maze and other zones.
    This will help visitors to adapt to your facility and feel at home. At the end of the tour, bring visitors to the recreation area, where they can prepare for the game. Offer them soft drinks, water, tea or coffee.
    When everything is ready for the laser game – ask the guests if they are ready, and then proceed to the questionnaire.


    Provide a group of clients with forms for filling out. Having filled them guests undertake to adhere to the safety rules in the laser tag arena, as well as to carefully treat equipment and interior elements.
    Give the players profiles that indicate the fields: Name, Surname, birth date, phone or email address, you can also say that these data are needed to provide discounts for each player’s birthday. For you, the profile is an opportunity to maintain constant contact with customers to notify them of your news and promotions. If children are playing, then the questionnaire should be filled in by parents whenever possible.


    It is very important to give players a detailed briefing for them to have a complete understanding of the game rules and handling of game sets. First of all, demonstrate a game kit, as well as how to wear a vest.

    Briefing video

    If you have instruction videos, you need to arrange visitors so that each of them sees the screen. You can proceed to oral briefing at the end of the video.

    Oral briefing

    The oral instruction should include a clear demonstration of operation aspects of the game kit. Line up the players around you to be well seen and heard. It is important to attract everyone’s attention, so make sure to ask control questions after the briefing. The game should not start until everyone answers them correctly. Here is a ready-made briefing script that is actively used in our laser tag arenas.


    Welcome to the laser tag arena [name of the arena], my name is [YOUR NAME], today I will be your laser tag instructor. Before you start playing, I will introduce you to the game principle, safety procedures, and tell you how to use game kits, as well as scenario devices. Later, I will answer all your questions that you will definitely have.

    Game principle

    Laser tag is a game the purpose of which is to go on with scenario tasks. Each player is equipped with a game kit, that consists of a vest and a blaster. The blaster shoots infrared rays that are absolutely safe for health, and the vest has damage sensors that record players’ hits.

    How to hold a blaster?

    You should hold the blaster with two hands (show them how): one hand on the forend, the second one – on the trigger. A two-hand sensor is installed in the forend; if you don’t keep your hand on it, the blaster will not shoot. This is an essential aspect to ensure safe and fair game conditions. In this way, you can’t swing a blaster or shoot blindly from behind cover.
    If you do not hold the blaster with both hands and start shooting, a distinctive notification will appear on the display (demonstrate it).
    Depending on the scenario, you are given a certain number of clips, the reload button is located above the forend. When the charges in the clip runs out, you will hear a distinctive sound notification (use the clip and let them hear the sound of cartridges run out).

    What game parameters are displayed?

    The blaster has a display that allows you to track your game parameters and statistics (clearly show each of the parameters on the display).

    Scenario devices

    In addition to game sets, we also use scenario devices in the game. You can find a Multistation or Sirius in the arena. Most scenarios use them as a starting point of the team, you will return to them when you get injured or deactivated if you want to replenish health or ammunition.
    These devices can restore health, number of clips, regenerate or cause damage, depending on the scenario. The Sirius is activated by touching or firing with a blaster, its game mode is visualized with the help of LEDs. The Multistation is activated only with shots, and its game mode is visualized with the help of the LED panel.

    Statistics screen

    The briefing area has a large screen. Guests who will not play can follow the online statistics of the laser tag game on the big screen. Players will be able to get acquainted with the game results and detailed personal statistics after the game is over. All players can find themselves in the table by the ID indicated on the display of the blaster.

    Safety regulations

    Each player must follow safety rules when playing laser tag. The game is quite dynamic and is held in a dimly lit room, therefore, to avoid injuries, it is important to adhere to the following rules.
    In the laser tag arena, it is forbidden to:
    • Run;
    • Lie down on the floor;
    • Swing the blaster;
    • Come into physical contact with other players (grab a blaster, prevent shooting, and the like).
    We leave the arena and listen to the instructor’s/administrator’s commands after each session. Children are much more comfortable playing with fastened belts; adults can use belts at will.

    Answers to questions

    Answers to questions
    If you have questions about laser tag game – it’s time to ask them!
    Now, to make sure that everyone remembers the rules:
    • Show me how to hold the blaster?
    • Show me where the reload button is located?
    • What is forbidden in the arena?

    How to form teams?

    How to form teams
    It is important to correctly divide the players into teams, especially if they are children. The best solution would be to choose two captains who will take turns recruiting players to their teams.
    There are two approaches to choosing captains among children:
    • Maintain discipline! You should choose children who act as strong leaders. It is necessary to tell the captains that they not only recruit players, but are also responsible for their behavior. This will allow you to better maintain discipline during games.

    • Please the child! Such a trifle as becoming a captain of the laser tag team will be a great pleasure for a kid. It is best to give joy to a birthday boy/girl or a kid who is rarely chosen as captain. For example, you can choose a girl.
    After the teams split up, ask them to come up with a name. Listen to the name options and start choosing the first scenario.

    Choosing a scenario

    Give players a choice of ready-made laser tag scenarios. If this is their first game, advise the “Warm up” scenario. Tell them about the features of the script, its plot, parameters of the game sets and scenario devices, as well as the aim of the game. After that, give the teams some time to familiarize themselves with the arena maze layout, as well as to plan the strategy.
    You should explain that the first game will be of an introductory nature and it will help players to apply in practice the skills acquired during the briefing.

    Entrance to the arena maze

    Entrance to the arena maze
    Ask the players if they are ready for the game, then line them up and slowly let them in the arena maze. Make sure that they do not run or crowd at the entrance. Arrange the teams on their bases where they will start the game.
    Ask the players if they are ready to start the game, remind them that the game will end automatically when one of the teams fulfills the aim of the game. Then select the script in the Windows application and start the game.
    During the first game, it is important to follow each player so that everyone understands how to play. If you see that a player needs help, take him/her out of the game and repeat the briefing in an accelerated form.
    Between game sessions, ask players how they feel, if anyone was injured, and if they want to relax. Take short breaks for visitors to enjoy water or soft drinks.

    End of the game

    End of the game
    When the players have the last game, warn them to use the most of the skills gained during the game in the arena. After the game is over, tell them that all the players showed themselves to be real fighters. Provide players with the titles they received to please them even more, make sure to accompany each achievement with applause.
    Offer to make a team photo as a keepsake for customers and for your photo archive. We recommend posting such team photos in your official pages on social networks. Players will be able to tag themselves, leave a comment, or share a post – thereby help you promote your arena.

    Pick-up of the equipment

    Pick-up of the equipment
    Help players to put off the game kits and take them to the recreation area. Print out personal statistics, hand them out to each player, and offer to share files on social networks. Clients can publish the stats afterwards or simply keep them to memorialize the occasion.


    Ask players about their impressions after the game, what they liked and what they would advise to improve for the next visit. It is necessary to show visitors that their opinion is important to you and that you really care about improving the service.
    While the players are overwhelmed with emotions and impressed by the game, you can invite them to leave their feedback on one of the pages on social networks or in the Google maps service.


    Take visitors to the wardrobe or to the rest area where they left stuff or outerwear. Then say goodbye, mentioning that you are always waiting for them in the laser tag arena. The rules of the qualitative game holding are extremely simple, the algorithm for executing instructions will be used automatically after the first 5-10 games.
    Following the instructions above will allow your customers to enjoy games and their pastime at your laser tag center. A high-quality service will not only help keep regular visitors, but also attract new ones, as those who visit your laser tag arena will actively recommend it to friends and acquaintances.