How to make laser tag equipment ready for game


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If you want to hold perfect laser tag game without a hitch, you should carefully prepare the equipment in advance. Here the briefing that will help you get ready for the game at 100%.

First of all to prepare laser tag equipment for a game you should make sure each game kit as well as each additional device work properly.

The following steps are recommended for implementation by you or your instructor:

  • Prepare game equipment in advance for the number of visitors who are going to play a game;
  • Make sure each laser tag gun is clean. In case equipment looks dirty fix it to look presentable so that your customers would like it;
  • Check battery level of each laser tag gun (using its service mode) as well as its shooting capacity;
  • Lay laser tag guns out, according to their marks and sizes;
  • Set general ammo and health points on each gun, depending on the chosen scenario;
  • Check operational readiness of all additional devices (Smart Domination Boxes, Utility Boxes, Remote Controls, Bombs, Tripwire Mines);
  • Attach a clean hygienic cuff to each headband;
  • In case you are using collimator sights for your game kits check that they are precisely sighted, using headband hit sensors or electronic shooting range;
  • Make sure that configurations of software are correct. To do this turn all laser tag guns on and check that they are recognized by the program. Shooting into guns of another color you can check number of lives. The same way you can check if Wi-Fi Router and Power Bank are working correctly.

Having checked all the equipment, you should prepare colorful bands for marking of the teams. Those can be hand or neck bands. Their color should correspond to the color of the teams, set in game kits.

Let all your laser tag games run at the highest level and give your visitors only pleasant emotions, excitement and adrenaline!