How to meet visitors in your laser tag club. Briefing.

Crossing the threshold of your laser tag club, the clients in the first minute get an impression of it. And what impression they will get depends mostly on how they were met. It seems like nothing special – just be polite. However, there are nuances.

Meeting customers, you prepare the ground for further communication with them, it means you make an important contribution to “monetize” them in the future – to motivate the visitors for the next visits, to create a positive opinion about your laser tag club and make them want to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances .

It is better to choose a separate place straight by the entrance into laser tag club or close to the game field to meet your customers. A small office where visitors can learn Safety Guide or fill in Sheet of a Regular Customer would be a good option.

laser tag equipment
When greeting customers ask who has ordered the game and for what time it is scheduled. Suggest to your clients to wait in the rest zone as well as offer them as many services you have in your club list as possible.

Those services can be the following:

  • Food services;
  • Photo / video services for the event;
  • Organization of child safe space with activities organizer;
  • Rest Zone (tents, BBQ, hookah);
  • Change clothes;
  • Organization of strength sports activities (arm-wrestling, tug-of-war, weight-lifters competition).

In case the visitors came to your club for the first time you should coordinate them as well as possible. Explain them where toilets, offices, changing rooms are, as well as where they will get laser tag equipment.

outdoor laser tag equipment

And how do the staff of your laser tag club meet customers? Do they with their greeting create an atmosphere of friendliness and attention?

Consider all the nuances mentioned above – and your clients will certainly want to visit your club again, and will also be happy to recommend you!