Winter holidays
    Winter holidays are the time when people rest, exchange gifts, have fun, and just have a good time with friends and family. These days, the owners of laser tag businesses face an important task – the preparation of a festive offer, and to attract the maximum number of visitors!

    In this article we will tell you how to:


    To create a Christmas atmosphere, you will need to prepare the club for the holiday in every aspect: from decorations and clothes for administrators to playing themed music.

    Administrators and instructors clothing

    You can create a festive look for instructors using such simple accessories as:
    • christmas hats;
    • themed headbands (with Christmas trees or deer antlers);
    • theme-related masks;
    • winter-themed protective masks.
    Administrators and instructors clothing
    Buying accessories do not require a large investment, and you can use them year after year!

    Protective masks with a winter holiday design

    Themed protective masks are trending as we approach 2021. In the current times, it is especially important to use protective masks with the festive logo of your laser tag center or with various holiday characteristics. You can find many offers online with ready-made designs or order an individual print.
    Themed protective masks
    If you want to have a real wow-effect among your visitors, buy or rent Christmas character costumes. The game against the instructor dressed as Santa Claus or the Grinch will be forever remembered by children, and will also pleasantly surprise adults!

    Decorations for the laser tag center

    Decorating a laser tag center, you are limited only by your imagination and budget. You can use both classic decoration variations, and come up with your own thematic attributes that will become the hallmark of your club.
    We recommend placing a Christmas wreath at the entrance to the laser tag center, and a decorated Christmas tree at the reception. Based on our partners’ experience, the tree will make a good photo zone for clients! It is best to use an artificial tree since it can be used for many years without harm to the environment.
    Decorating a laser tag center
    To give outdoor areas a festive look – decorate the trees around the club.
    You can use these items as decorations for rooms and sites:
    • Christmas ornaments;
    • foam balls;
    • electric garlands;
    • artificial snow and cut out snowflakes;
    • and other decorations.
    * When decorating the premises, it is necessary to remember about fire safety rules.


    Some outdoor clubs have indoor areas, but if you do not have any, you can create heating points near the areas, using outdoor heaters for this. If you do not have this opportunity, try to have breaks between games by sending players to the reception or to a gazebo.
    Free hot beverages for all visitors will be a big advantage, as it will allow your players to warm up faster after a game. Additionally, you can prepare and sell the most popular winter drink – mulled wine (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). The aroma of spices will lure visitors and hardly anyone can refuse such a treat!

    Festive music

    Use the audio system of your laser tag center to create a festive atmosphere. Play popular Christmas songs. We offer this playlist of the top 10 popular winter holiday songs, based on the experience of our partners.
    Top 10 popular winter holiday songs:
    1. Last Christmas
    2. All i want for Christmas is you
    3. Jingle Bells
    4. Let it snow
    5. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    6. Here Comes Santa Claus
    7. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    8. Jingle Bell Rock
    9. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
    10. Little Drummer Boy
    Of course, you can add your favorite songs to the list or use a different holiday playlist which you can find online!

    Use TVs

    If you use large screens in the laser tag center, between sessions you can play classic Christmas tales and films on them, or simply display a fireplace or a snow-covered landscape.
    All of the tips above combined will work to create a festive atmosphere. Entering a decorated room, hearing Christmas songs, as well as smelling tea or mulled wine, your visitors will instantly have a festive mood and want to plunge into the atmosphere of the winter holidays laser tag!

    Winter holidays scenarios

    What can make any scenario festive? Fascinating plots and holiday characters! To bring a festive spirit to classic game modes, you need to think about the setting, story, scenario, and game characters. We have prepared for you 4-holiday interpretations of the classic game modes with ready-made stories that will help your visitors feel like they are in a winter fairy tale!
    scenario festive

    Holiday Rush (Deliver 10 flags)

    Santa Claus makes the final preparations for going on a journey to give gifts to children from all over the world. He has already harnessed his sleigh, prepared a bag of gifts for children, and there are only a few minutes left before the departure …
    Suddenly, Santa Claus discovered that 10 gifts for the most obedient kids were missing! There is no time to prepare! The only hope is for the teams of his brave assistants – the elves will help him pick up gifts from the storage and put them in the bag.
    The task of the scenario
    Help Santa Claus collect 10 gifts! Take gifts from the vault or the bag of the opposing team and put them into your bag! The first team to put 10 gifts in their bag wins.
    Scenario conditions
    The scenario involves 2 teams of elves – blue and red. The SIRIUS station of the corresponding color is set in the “Flag” mode on the base of the team. It acts as a gift bag for the team!
    There is a neutral SIRIUS in the “Flag” mode in the center of the site, acting as a “Storage” , a new gift appears in it every 30 seconds. The players can take it and bring it to their team’s bag.
    The most crafty and cunning elves can steal gifts from the bag of the opposing team!
    To take a gift and bring it to your base, you need to run to the storage or to the opposing team’s bag and shoot it 2 times from a distance of up to 1 meter.
    When capturing a gift, the player will hear a sound notification, after which he will have to run to his bag and shoot it, thus putting the gift in the bag.
    * The player who is carrying the gift can continue to shoot the opponents. If the player with the gift is deactivated, the gift will be lost. One player cannot carry more than one gift at a time.
    The scenario is carried out based on the “Capture 10 flags” scenario, you can familiarize yourself with the algorithm of carrying it out in the Guide to the outdoor scenarios.

    1…2…3 light the Christmas tree! (Capture the point)

    The sites are decorated, Santa Claus has prepared gifts for children, everyone is in a festive mood, but in all this holiday rush, we forgot about the main thing – the Christmas tree! In the center of the site, there is a Christmas tree without decorations, your task is to decorate it with a garland of your team’s color! How to do it? Shoot it with a laser gun and hold your team position for 5 minutes. After shooting the tree, the garland on it will gradually begin to glow in the color of your team. But the opposing team can seize the initiative by shooting the tree and starting to make it their color. Players can respawn at the base using the fireplace – SIRIUS in the respawn mode.
    Capture the point
    The task of the scenario
    Your task is to make the tree glow with the color of your team. To do this, you need to shoot it and hold it for 5 minutes.
    Scenario conditions
    The scenario involves 2 teams of elves – blue and red, and the bases of the teams are equipped with a SIRIUS in the “Respawn” mode, which acts as a fireplace.
    There is a Domination box in the center of the site, set in the “Capture by Time” mode, which acts as a “Christmas tree” . Having shot at the upper panel of the domination box, you start the capture timer of your team. When the domination box is captured by another team, the timer of another team will start, while the accumulated time of the first team will be saved. You can track the progress of capturing by the color and degree of filling of the LED bars.
    The scenario is carried out based on the “Capturing the domination box” scenario, you can familiarize yourself with the algorithm for conducting it in the Outdoor Scenarios Guide.

    Santa’s helper! (Arena king)

    Santa Claus gathered all his elves for the tournament for the title of the main helper. The bags with presents are placed around the arena. The presents appear in the bag every 30 seconds. You can get from the bag both a pleasant gift for a good child and a punishment for someone who behaved badly all year. Your task is to defeat all the elves and become the main helper of Santa Claus!
    The task of the scenario
    Defeat other elves and remain the last elf helper in the arena! Use gifts to get a boost, but remember that they can do damage!
    Scenario conditions
    All elves are armed with blasters that shoot snowballs when they run out of health units – they must leave the arena with the blaster raised up.
    SIRIUS stations in Random mode are placed around the arena, acting as gift bags for good and naughty children.
    The gifts for good children:
    • Candy – doubles the number of player health units, but no more than 999.
    • A Bag of Snowballs – refills the number of magazines to the starting value.
    Gifts for naughty children:
    • Rods – cause 25-point damage to the player.
    Elves compete in an elimination game and there will be only one winner – the main helper of Santa Claus!
    The scenario is carried out based on the “King of the Arena” scenario.

    Ornament hunt (Virus elimination)

    It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, but the evil Grinch stole all the ornaments and scattered them around the arena to prevent players from finding them and getting ready for the holiday. The task of the players is to help Santa Claus, find ornaments in the arena, and collect them. The player who collects the most ornaments for the Christmas tree wins!
    Virus elimination
    The task of the scenario
    Help Santa Claus decorate the Christmas tree – find more Christmas ornaments in the arena than other players.
    Scenario conditions
    here are SIRIUS stations scattered around the arena in the “Bonus” mode. Players can get 1 ornament by shooting it 1 time. 30 seconds after the player takes an ornament, a new ornament is ready for pick up.
    MULTISTATION in the “Base” mode is installed on the bases of the blue and red teams. Shooting it 10 times the player can get 3 toys at once. But at the same time, the “Base” freezes all the players who come closer than 3 meters, temporarily depriving them of the ability to shoot.
    All players are armed with ice cannons, which with a hit temporarily freeze the enemy, depriving them of the ability to shoot.
    The scenario is carried out by analogy with the “Virus elimination” script.
    To make the scenarios even more interesting, you can decorate the scenario devices. For example, paint a picture of the fireplace and hang it near the SIRIUS or hang a real gift bag at the bases of the teams.

    Promotion during the winter holidays

    The pre and post-Christmas season is the time when children and students are on vacation, and adults are usually on holiday. This is why you should focus on these audience segments. Form promotional offers for corporate events, team buildings, and also make offers for students!

    Partnerships with other establishments

    Try to build partnerships with other establishments near you. You can negotiate on a barter basis or on any other terms. For example, you can exchange discount certificates that you provide to your guests and they to theirs.
    You can also become one of the sponsors of the Christmas event. Your partner (organizer) will receive a gift for their visitors (for example, a discount certificate for the game), and you will receive free advertising and clients attracted by the certificate.

    Calling the customer base

    A promotion method that practically does not require material investments. If you have a client base, you can make an effective presentation of the event and seasonal offers to your visitors. Also, by giving them a call, you can get feedback from customers about the work of your laser tag center.

    Distribution of leaflets

    It doesn’t require a big budget. You need to pay for the printing of leaflets and the work of several promoters who will work in crowded places (malls, city square).

    Thematic design of the web site and social network profiles

    With the help of a winter holiday social media design, your customers will learn about seasonal offers faster! Thus, they will understand that they should choose your laser tag center for their holidays during the Christmas period!
    We recommend updating:
    • social media profile covers;
    • graphic banners for promotions and publications on social networks;
    • the home page of the web site – display the current seasonal offer there;
    • the logo of your laser tag center – just add a snowflake, Christmas hat, or any other festive element.
    We have prepared for you a package of graphic and text materials to use for the festive design of social networks and the web site!

    Publish holiday posts on your social networks

    Notify your audience that you have a holiday offer right now, as well as themed game scenarios. Post on social networks, send emails, or use messengers!
    Also, it is necessary to post daily reports from the festive games, photographs of joyful guests after laser tag sessions.


    Launch a giveaway contest on social networks: “Win a free game by subscribing and reposting the publication.” Thus, you will advertise the seasonal program of your laser tag center and increase the number of subscribers in social networks.

    It’s not Christmas without presents

    Gifts are what will help increase the loyalty of your customers, as well as pleasantly surprise all visitors who come to you for the first time.

    A gift after the game

    After the session, you can give the players candy, branded bracelets, or other small souvenirs. Gifts are a must-have for a holiday, so don’t leave your customers without pleasant surprises.

    Discount on their next game

    At the end of the session, you can give every player a discount for their next visit to your laser tag center. The gift can be issued in the form of a classic certificate or in the format of a magnet or bracelet. The last two options work especially well, as players won’t lose them (unlike a paper certificate).

    For regular customers

    If you have a base of regular customers, you can send them personal branded gifts, and so wish them happy holidays on behalf of your laser tag center. As a gift, you can use a mug, notebooks, pens, branded chocolate, or other souvenir products. A gift like this will make your arena the client’s favorite place. To enhance the effect, you can send instructors to personally hand out gifts


    Send congratulatory emails and SMS messages to the customer base. We have prepared for you a New Year’s letter template.
    During the holiday games, collect feedback from visitors to understand which aspects people like the most, and what else needs to be improved.
    Be sure to reward your team members who helped organize a holiday laser tag adventure.
    Comprehensive preparation of the laser tag center for the winter holidays will allow you to interest regular customers, as well as attract new visitors who are in search of festive entertainment!

    We wish you an unforgettable and profitable holiday season!
    We have attached our gift – graphic banner templates, examples of publications, and a congratulatory letter!