How to run laser tag equipment? Video manual “The first start”

You have purchased LASERTAG.NET laser tag equipment. It’s high time to learn all its powerful
features. “The first start” video will assist you during this process!

Whenever you buy new equipment, you face certain difficulties: how to switch the equipment on
and what are all the details of its proper operation? Even User’s Guide cannot always help new
users at once.
In order that our customers could use LASERTAG.NET equipment in a smooth and comfortable
way, we have created the whole series of video tutorials called “The first start”.

The first video will tell you about the following:

  • What a game kit includes
  • How to prepare and switch the laser tag gun on
  • How to change color of the team
  • How to start game kits
  • What are the features of the Smart Remote Control

Our qualified help from the technical support department is ready to answer any question of yours!