As the old biblical saying and a common ethical wisdom goes: in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you This is probably the oldest and the most invaluable principle for doing  business. The customer should feel friendly environment to have the mind to spend a week-end and be ready to pay for it. And creating this atmosphere is something to take care about long before you actually meet your customers.

Your first meeting with the customer

When do you think you have your first contact with your customer? Your customer first gets to know your (or rather your arena) when first seeing your adds, no matter what they are: be it a dedicated group in social networks or an add on a notice board near their place or leaflets –  any of advertising vehicles will create the first impression about your arena.

By the way, one should not brush off any types of advertisement. A simple notice on the notice board or a mere leaflet duly composed will speak of you much better than a costly, though dull, billboard.

Now, back to the first impression. What your customer will see when first visiting your page? Will it be a in a social network with plenty of interesting information or empty photo and video sections and lots of spam in the comments section? Both cases will prompt certain opinions. The same is the case with your website or advertisement.

The key point here is that any person exposed to your add or visiting your site should easily find the information he or she needs to know: your phone numbers, your price and your address. All other things are of secondary importance. Anyway, the customer will most likely call you to ask you for more details, and you have do your best so that your phone number was immediately and easily available for him or her to make a call. Respect your customers and they will pay you back with a steady flow of incoming calls.

Step two – receiving phone calls

As obvious as it may seem, it is still very important to know how to speak with your potential players, who call. Here, two things are important: the way you talk and the way you present the information. This will be crucial as this define  whether the person will be willing to come over, and if he or she does, whether on arrival the customer finds that he or she got something wrong due to lack of good presentation.

As far as the first point is concerned, one should be polite and patient. As many people are new to the game, occasionally you may find yourself talking to inquisitive kind of people asking the same things over and over again. There is nothing to do about it, but to patiently explain what’s what to the last detail.

And the presentation itself will most of the time go along the lines you have prepared for such occasions. Normally, the questions will come down to simple what, how much and how? In other words, each time you will be telling the same things. So, draft a standard and coherent text that would summarize you price policies and game rules. The simpler and shorter your explanations are, the better your chances of winning customers.

Welcoming your customers

Please mind that people, especially before playing their first game, may feel a little awkward and shy. So, be friendly, tell them where they should go and what they should do. Brief them on the principles of laser tag gear operation. Ask if they have any questions. Be involved, do not let the customers guess for themselves what to do, but walk them trough in a friendly and encouraging manner.

Gameplay – building up excitement

In most cases the game will spark lots of excitement and fun. As the host, you should not just keep up this “fire”, but rather should add fuel to the flame. Be involved in discussions, tell interesting stories, share game tips and tricks with your guests. The more happy and excited they are, the better the chances of them coming back again and most importantly, sharing their experiences with their friends, that is promoting your arena.

Taking pictures is a good practice to add value to the experience as it records the atmosphere they players plunged in during the game and impressions players will be glad to share. So, do not skip this, do take photos of each game. Then post the pictures in all your social networks pages and website. Keep the “fire” burning as long as possible.


Once the game is over do not rush your customers out. Make the parting as positive as the game. Ask them if they liked it. Tell them about upcoming events and promotions. Shake hands with all men as a farewell. Do your best in order they leave with a feeling they are off from a party at friends’.

Laser tag bussines

Main mistakes  – being tired and sluggish

If you host 2-3 games a day, it could be a trying experience. You may feel exhausted by the end of the day and having no energy to keep up smiling and shuffling. You will have to keep it to yourself. If your goal is to enjoy a steady flow of customers, you will have to do it, despite being tired even to stand. As they say, the show must go on.

There is hardly a universal tip on how to fight the fatigue. Some people drink energy drinks, some drink coffee. Some relax listening to good music. As the game host you should find your own source to recharge your batteries. Otherwise you risk being able to efficiently run not more than 1-2 games.

Mind that apart from running the game, you will be all the time busy with extensive photo and video shooting of players in the game, talking to everyone. All customers should feel that your are happy to have them in your arena as if they are your first guests ever. Therefore, try and avoid making the mistake of being “a tired host”. Do not indulge yourself in the drive to get rid of the customers soonest possible, but better arm yourself with patience and things that will keep you upbeat during the whole day.

Stick to the rules by yourself and make your personnel observe them too

No matter how attentive and friendly you are, it will not work unless all of your staff behaves in the same manner. Therefore, caring and friendly attitudes to customers are the key requirement for your staff. You must ensure that your personnel shares things discussed above and fully complies with the above points.

To make the long story short, immediate customer relations involve hundreds of other little things: your appearance, availability of place for the customers to leave their things (be it personal lockers or just a bench or table not to put things on the ground), exciting missions and scenarios instead of just leaving players to themselves playing a neverending deathmatch. But they look so obvious that there is hardly any need to dwell on them. So, get focused on the key aspect – maintaining the atmosphere of excitement and fun throughout the game from the very start to its very end.