IAAPA 2022 in London - Results

Our ladies had over 50 business meetings

Here comes the end of three amazing days at the show. Our ladies had over 50 business meetings and product demonstrations! They were assisted by our dealers and their partners - John Sosta, Natale Lagana and Ludovic Donati. Thank you for your help during the show!

LASERTAG.NET - World-Class Community

Our booth was visited by current and potential customers

Our booth was visited by current and potential customers from Japan, UAE, Poland, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Martinique, Jordan and Switzerland! We are overwhelmed by the number of visitors from so many countries and we would like to thank you all for visiting our booth. We hope that you have found the answers to all your questions!

A new laser tag grenade

laser tag grenade

At our booth, we have presented a new laser tag grenade for the first time. We surprised visitors with its features, including a "search" mode with sound and color indication, that makes it easy to find a grenade that has been thrown far away. This is a prototype, whereas the final version will get a different case color and a few new features.

Updated "Versus Zombies" mode for VION VR

Versus Zombies

We were thrilled to introduce the new "Farm" and "Zombie Mall" maps for the "Versus Zombies" mode. Crawling, running, armored zombies confronted our visitors on a virtual map. Once again, many visitors noted that the VION VR benefits include no wires and complete freedom of movement. This advantage is perfectly combined with the "Versus Zombies" mode, where the player's mobility brings unforgettable emotions of the game!

New laser tag and VR centers

Versus Zombies

After this exhibition, there are less white spots on the world map, where LASERTAG.NET equipment is not used yet. Very soon, the equipment will go to its owners:

  • 2 arenas and 52 sets of indoor and outdoor equipment in the UAE;
  • 20 sets of Premium outdoor equipment in France
  • 20 sets of Galaxy ECLIPSE in Italy;
  • 12 Galaxy ECLIPSE kits in Romania;
  • 8 sets of VION VR in Czech Republic;
We congratulate our new clients on the purchase and wish your businesses prosperity!