Three rich and eventful days of the exhibition are finished and now we can summarize all the events. And we believe that everything was perfect!
    For three days we communicated with our potential and existing customers in non-stop mode – we presented our equipment, shared our future plans, demonstrated our new developments and got feedback.
    Our general impression – the exhibition was great. And these are not just words – everything really was at the highest level. All the marketing materials were distributed, most of the exhibition equipment was sold directly from the booth, and we received a lot of preliminary applications for ordering our equipment.
    It was really nice to plunge into the exhibition atmosphere – to meet and share the experience with colleagues of the same business sphere, meet people who are just planning to open their laser tag business, as well as quite experienced owners of laser tag clubs.
    Our booth was highly popular among our regular customers and partners from Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and we also met new customers from Europe, Korea etc.
    Among the great quantity of our features especially popular was the color OLED-screen of the laser tag gun, impulse recoil, and, certainly our software with its rich functionality. We also announced a prototype of a new equipment for an indoor laser tag, which really impressed and delight our visitors.
    We thank all the participants for being with us, for your feedback and recommendations, which have already invoked us to a lot of new ideas for expanding the possibilities of indoor and outdoor laser tag as well.
    We believe in our future successful partnership, and your recommendations according our equipment development will help us to become even more reliable partner for you.