Impact-resistant case of laser tag gun

Unique company in-built development, designed for intense everyday usage in laser tag clubs and arenas renting conditions

Laser tag game cannot exist without its main attribute – game weapon. Laser tag gun used by players to hit each other is the first thing to take into consideration for both players and owners of laser tag business.

LASERTAG.NET pays attention to even the finest details when designing body of game gun, aiming at high standards of both design and safety. At the same time cost of laser tag equipment allows even startuppers to buy the whole set of necessary equipment.

LASERTAG.NET is not only leading manufacturer of laser tag equipment but also a practical expert. We deal with full cycle production, starting with molding of bodies, designing of boards and software, and finishing with assembling and testing of the final piece of equipment. All equipment is tested in our on laser tag clubs and arenas so that each one, willing to buy laser tag guns, would be completely satisfied with his purchase.

This is the reason why many payers and businessmen actually consider our laser tag weapons the best among ones available on the market. Laser tag gun by LASERTAG.NET features, among others, the following advantages:

Strong equipment designed particularly for using in rental conditions

Laser tag gun body is unique in-house development of our company, created specifically for intense everyday usage. This laser tag equipment has been designed, considering main target audience of laser tag – children. Thus it stands even the most emotional treatment!

laser tag gun case

Extra strong ABS thermoplastic polymer body is resistant to hits, scratches, drops, and can withstand weight of a car (see crash-test);

laser tag gun - inner parts
Polyurethane braces for inner details decrease risk of their moving or mechanical damage;

case of laser tag gun
Printed boards are covered with few layers of lacquer to prevent ingress of moisture into internal elements Laser tag gun safety;

inner parts of laser tag gun

  • FALCON F1 and FALCON F2 laser tag gun bodies do not have protruding elements of the stock;
  • Streamlined shape of the gun makes it completely safe to be used by children;
  • Laser tag gun can be used for few years with no expenses for constant repair of the equipment;
  • Rubber tip protects weapon optical system and decreases possibility to be injured by gun.

Quality control

LASERTAG.NET specialists check equipment being produced on each stage to provide the highest quality of it. Each item undergoes 5-stage quality control process.

  • Selection and examination of elements;
  • Primary examination of assembly quality;
  • Examination of equipment firmware correctness;
  • Ready item assembly quality control;
  • 24-hour testing of equipment all functional features in our own laser tag clubs and arenas.

All these factors drastically increase equipment service life and allow keeping its presentable look for a long time.

Laser tag gun body allows it to be used by both small children (from 5 years old) and adults

Children make up 70% of all laser tag players. Unlike heavy and massive mass-dimensional models of guns (replicas of, for example, AKM or AK-74) this laser tag gun weight does not exceed 1 kilo and its length is only 66 centimeters. These features also make it very comfortable to be used by children who can play laser tag game for a long time and not get tired.
There are no movable or detachable elements on laser tag gun body. Power and reload buttons are finely built into the body, preventing accidental pressing. All these features exclude the possibility to break the gun or get injured with it. Body of the weapon is completely safe for using by children, making up 70% of main laser tag game target audience.

Each game kit features protective rubber tip

lasert tag gun - rubber tip

FALCON F1 and FALCON F2 laser tag guns shoot with safe infrared rays which is completely harmless and is extremely liked by children. At the same time our taggers have special protective rubber tip, made of soft rubber to protect optical system. Usage of this protective rubber tip decreases possibility of injuries in case laser tag gun is hit against the ground, bunker or by another player. It saves both layers and laser tag equipment.

protective rubber tip for laser tag gun

All these features turn LASERTAG.NET laser tag equipment into the one of the most reliable and adapted for laser tag business on the market. Hundreds of laser tag clubs in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, the Great Britain, Spain, Mexico, the USA and other 17 European countries, using our equipment, are the best proof of it!