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The highest profit is known to be the main goal of any business. Main factors, affecting increase of profit in laser tag business are traffic of visitors, number of provided services, and price for those services.

Further we will find out how price is different from value in laser tag business and what you should take into consideration to increase average purchase amount in your laser tag club.

Price is a cost of item/service, given in money. Some types of clients but the cheapest things while some prefer more expensive goods and offers on the market.

Value for laser tag is the kind of entertainment and leisure time activity that people are willing to pay for. It is very important to offer expensive service to a client. This is why it is important to constantly increase service quality and always have the whole service packages to offer.

It is also important to provide wide range of price options for a customer: standard, comfort, or premium one. This is the goal of additional services that are offered to customers so he could choose exactly what he wants. One of the most powerful sales drivers is an average purchase amount. It depends on number and cost of laser tag services and related products. The following ones are those that you should pay the most attention to.

Wide range of services

In case you have only one service to offer it can negatively affect your income. You should make up offers for those who want to get more than just a typical laser tag game. Additional services and products are very important factors to increase your average purchase amount.

Related services for clients

The more additional services you offer the more your will increase the profit of your laser tag business. And those services should not necessarily be related to laser tag. These can be:

  • Food services;
  • Photo / video services for the event;
  • Organization of child safe space with activities organizer;
  • Organization of strength sports (arm-wrestling, tug-of-war, weight-lifters competition);
  • Changing cloths;
  • Rest Zone (tents, BBQ, hookah).

Competent HR-management

It is very difficult to understand how much a customer is ready to pay for a game when talking to him on the phone or through Internet. This is why pricelists should be created in a way not to scare those who want to pay less as well as not to lose those ones who are ready to pay the maximum price. Through phone or email conversation a customer should get fast and clear answer. Which laser tag game bundle to buy? How much does laser tag equipment cost? What is the price for laser tag equipping? Your workers should always know how to answer those questions and what to offer to the client.

Possibility for a visitor to use his own equipment

Most laser tag clubs allow customers to come to a laser tag field with their own equipment. Do not get upset if many of those visitors will come to your club. First of all they will become really regular customers and seconds of all they will bear all the responsibility for the condition of their laser tag guns. It is important for your target audience to grow. It will allow you to fill up your game fields with people, ready to leave their money there.

Promo and special offers

Try to make people learn about laser tag and your company as much as possible. Run laser tag games in places when youngsters spend their time, in city events and festivals. Try to arrange with schools and universities free promotional events for their students.
Use active selling techniques and barter options with HRs and event agencies, as well as IT companies, children camps and training centers, cinemas clubs, shopping malls.
You can arrange promotion of their brands on the territory of your laser tag club while they will advertise your club in turn.

Public events are a good platform to increase your potential and real source of customers. Remember that word of mouth marketing is the most efficient free channel of laser tag business marketing promotion. This is why you should never forget about special offers and discounts for birthday people and regular customers. These are the factors that directly affect number of returning customers and its increase.

Pay attention to all abovementioned points when organizing work of your laser tag club. It is also worth saying that monitoring prices of your competitors is also worth doing.

Try to always be the first one in all business senses and then your laser tag business will have no chance to fail.