The LASERTAG.NET team invites you to IAAPA 2021 in Orlando!

    Do you know that feeling when something amazing happens in your life and you want to share it with the whole world? We want to share our amazing new products with you too and we invite you to the IAAPA show in Orlando!
    Our team will be at the Orange County Convention Center, 9400 Universal Boulevard in Orlando on November 16-19. At the booth #3578, we will present:
    • FALCON LUX compact tagger, which meets all of our partners' expectations for a small, bright and comfortable tagger for kids.

    • VION VR-attraction with its graphics and realistic sensations which astonished the audience at the recent IAAPA exhibition in Barcelona.

    • SUPERNOVA bomb, which brings into the world of laser tag a scenario from the cult game "Counter Strike" with a bomb planting and deactivation.

    • SCORPION shock-band straight from the exhibition in Spain, where visitors have already dispelled myths about the dangers and painful sensations of the device.

    • GALAXY ECLIPSE arena laser tag kits with unique "Superpower" and "Stop Aggression" functions.
    And for dessert, a concept of our tagger of the future! The photo shows you just the futuristic design and shape of the prototype - but the details of the functionality and other features can only be seen when visiting our booth.
    A real highlight for visitors of our booth will be the presence of the CEO of LASERTAG.NET, Michael Obod! You will be able to personally ask questions about our company and our plans for the future.
    See you in Orlando!