Attraction of visitors – for laser tag center owners
    Ability to follow the statistics – for players!

    Taggers and blasters of the LASERTAG.NET company are equipped with a color IPS-screen, which displays game and technical parameters of laser tag game sets. With the help of the screen, players monitor their indicators and statistics in real time, and the instructor controls the battery charge and other technical parameters.
    Overview of the new IPS display:

    New IPS screen in game kits from LASERTAG.NET!

    Since October 2020, we have started using new IPS screens in our taggers and blasters, which have higher resolution, brightness and a number of other advantages over OLED technology.

    Specifications of the IPS-display


    The OLED displays we used before had a resolution of 128×128 px, the new IPS ones have a resolution 3.5 times higher – 240×240 px.

    Comparison of the pixel count

    Higher resolution allows you to display clearer and better icons of presets, weapon type and other parameters of game sets. Higher pixel count also allows you to create new interfaces to display more game parameters as you did with the Galaxy ECLIPSE blaster.

    Playing in sunny weather

    The brightness of the new IPS display is more than 3 times higher than the OLED one. This way, visitors will be able to see all game indicators more clearly from any angle, even in sunny weather. In the future, the brightness level will be controlled by the software so that the instructor could adapt this parameter to the game in different conditions!

    Comparison of the maximum display brightness

    At the same time, the new display has better energy efficiency, which allows to keep the battery life of the taggers at the same level!

    Color screen against the monochrome one

    Our first game sets were equipped with monochrome displays, but for over 2 years we have been using color screens. Colored elements of the interface make it more attractive to visitors, as well as make it easier for the player to perceive the parameters. A single look at the screen is enough to determine the number of health units, ammunition, ranking position and other important game parameters!
    The color screen makes the instructors’ work easier, for example, when they see a red indicator in the battery area, they instantly realize that it’s time to charge the game kit.

    Withstands any load

    The screen is installed in a specially designed fixing module, without glue. This fixation method is durable and also protects the screen from displacement and other damage in case of falling.
    Each display is fitted with 6-mm glass, which is 12 times thicker than the glass used to protect smartphones. This protection makes the tagger or blaster display resistant to drops, impacts and other mechanical stress.

    What is displayed on the screen?

    In order for the player to be able to track the most important information before, during and after the game – we have created 3 main interfaces: pre-game, game, final!
    When the instructor turns on the service mode – the corresponding interface is displayed with the output of all the necessary technical information.


    Information line – the field located at the top of the screen, it is displayed on all interfaces so that the instructor could at any moment see the state of the main technical parameters: the game set battery, ID, and also the Wi-Fi connection status.
    Pre-game – displayed before the session starts, indicates the parameters the player starts with. It allows you to get acquainted with the game role, team color, main and additional weapons, and other parameters.
    Game – displayed during the game session, allows you to track your statistics, health, ammunition in real time, and displays important game notifications.
    The screen briefly displays information about various game events during the session.
    1. To double health units.
    2. Notification of the two-hand sensor.
    3. Medkit exposure.
    4. Radiation exposure.
    5. Damage from zombies.
    6. Pause in the game.
    7. You hit or deactivated with a shot.
    8. A player hit or deactivated you.
    9. The cheat-detected player broke the rules by turning off the headband.
    Final interface – after the session is over, it displays the corresponding notification, as well as the final statistics of the game session: the number of points, deactivation and hits, the final ranking of players!
    Service screen – designed exclusively for instructors and administrators of the laser tag center. The interface allows to get acquainted with the firmware version of the tagger and headband, as well as to see the access point name to which the device is connected.

    Do you want to upgrade your laser tag center with the new IPS display taggers?

    Each Galaxy platform game kit (PULSE and ECLIPSE) is equipped with a color screen, but if you are interested in a solution for outdoor games, you’d better choose Standard, Premium or Tactical Pro sets!
    Order a catalog and select the optimal bundle!