“Find a job you like and you don’t have to work a single day in your life”
    The true story of our client, whose passion to the laser tag and paintball games has evolved into a profitable business.
    Recently our Italian client, the owner of several laser tag and paintball centers in Italy, Ludovico Artz, has visited one of our offices. In the following video he shares his practical experience of starting and running that kind of business.
    For many years Ludovico has been a fervent admirer and an active sport paintball player. Even having moved to another city he didn’t dismiss his paintball team and twice a day he had to drive 300 kilometers to train with his team.
    In a while he’s got an idea to start his own paintball club. He shared the idea with his friends and they started their first paintball club in Italy.
    The newly cofounders didn’t have to pay a heap of money on marketing to attract clients – inflatable construction with promo installed near the club, good location and diligent work of the cofounders have taken their toll. As a result, in one year the guys managed to pay their investment back and gain some profit as well. Their business kept it development and in a while Ludovico and his partners have started few more centers.
    As for laser tag, first time Ludovico tried it 28 years ago and it was love at first sight. According to Ludovico, in Italy laser tag is more popular than paintball due to its safety.
    However there in Italy indoor game is more wide spread. When you talk about laser tag people imagine a darkened room with labyrinth in it. Having offered outdoor laser tag in his paintball club, Ludovico called genuine interest and great excitement of the players – they were really impressed that this game can be held at the open air, at any weather and any time.
    At the moment Ludovico actively embeds laser tag game into his paintball centers. As one of the positive moments of including laser tag option is that it doesn’t require any changes of the club. You don’t need to hire additional staff – your paintball instructor can easily hold a laser tag game.
    Besides, laser tag is more profitable in the maintenance – there is no need to replenish the ball stock, provide players with uniform and clean it or the mask afterwards.
    Implementing laser tag in paintball centers Ludovico had no worries about the fact that laser tag can drag paintball’s customers out. As laser tag is a game of absolutely different format – it is for those who likes video and role playing games. Moreover, it efficiently increases the range of your potential clients – as it is a game for everyone – children and grown-ups, it doesn’t require any preparation and long instructions.
    We are always happy to see our clients in our offices. We are really grateful to Ludovico for his visit and the meeting with the company employees within which he has shared his experience and secrets of running the laser tag business in Italy and gave us feedback about our equipment.
    We wish his centers prosperity and will do our best to help to develop his centers and provide his club with the advanced laser tag equipment.