Still thinking whether to start laser tag business or not? While you are in doubt, those who have already contacted this business are reaping their benefits!
    We offer you the case of one of our clients, who will become your motivation to start your laser tag business.
    Doryan-Emmanuel from Switzerland became our client not so long time ago , however, after 8 months of our fruitful cooperation, he managed not only to build and get the payback of his business, but also brought himself on further development – to create another laser tag center based on’s equipment.You may see the existing lasertag-center at LaserRed.
    Doryan also wants to be the official dealer of our company which we consider our main achievement!
    Watch the video, read the interview and get inspired!
    Hello, Doryan. We would like to write a case about you, as one of our successful client, in order to show other start-up businessmen how it works in laser tag sphere. And maybe to give some tips for those who are just thinking about starting their business.
    Hello. Sure, go ahead ask!
    So the first question is why did you opt the’s equipment? What has attracted you in at the first sight?
    What I liked about your equipment is that the guns looked good. They are not too much aggressive like guns of others companies.
    They are good for kids and young players and at the same time even 40-years old people find them interesting. Guns don’t have a ribbon to hang them, which is also good.
    The next thing we appreciated very much is the fact that we can upgrade equipment using free firmware and the fact that we can set the “fire” accuracy, lives, damage – all these things are very good. Software is very user-friendly and easy to use.
    There are some options that are missing but we hope that in future we’ll propose your company to implement some new options for arena software. But in general, it is very good. And the price was good.
    And the service you provide! 7 days a week – guys from support are always available and they are really helpful. This thing is very important. As for me your service is 50% of what I like in the company. To have such a support – that is wonderful.
    Choosing the equipment, have you considered any other manufacturers?
    Of course we compared you with other companies. Actually we’ve met like about 10 companies. But you looked a little bit more trustable than other.
    And at the end we narrowed our list up to two companies – you and another one. But the problem of the second company was that their equipment was too expensive and that their guns looked like real ones and we didn’t want to have any issues with the government. So we’ve decided to make a choice in favor of you.
    Thank you for that. We are happy that you’ve chosen us. About your laser tag center – how big is it? And how many game kits you purchased for this area? How many people work at your arena? Is it enough?
    The existing one is 200 square meters. For this area we have purchased 10 game kits at first, and then we bought 3 more.
    Now we are about to open one more site. It will be 380 meters and can house about 35 people.
    And in this existing arena, in Switzerland, how many people work there?
    Too many, actually. We have 3 persons at the moment, but really we need the only one. So we are going to give them some other responsibilities.
    How long did it take you to learn and understand the product’s features? Were there any difficulties with something?
    My people are very involved in IT. I may say that the first day when we got the equipment we were able to use it. And in a week we knew the 100% of its possibilities.
    That’s great. And what results in business have you achieved up to the moment? Did you achieve everything you wanted, starting this business?
    Definitely. Of course our goal is to evolve the companies and make all of them new things – that is why we’re following your company – getting new things, new accessories, new concepts…
    But what I can say – is that now we are much better that we even expected at the very beginning.
    Is the quantity of visitors of your laser tag center increasing from month to month?
    Yes. Every month. But now it started to be full all the time on the opening hours. Basically we are opened Monday and Tuesday – only on reservations, Wednesday – all day long, from 10 a.m. up to 9 p.m., Thursday and Friday – from 4 p.m. up to 12 a.m., Saturday – from 9 a.m. up to 12 a.m., Sunday – from 9 a.m. up to 9 p.m.
    Do you have repeated games, regular clients, fans maybe?
    Of course we have some fans. We change scenarios every time, propose new missions to our clients. We also create our own game mode – for example we created zombie mode, battle royal, matric mode. I can say that 50% of our players are those who have already played and 50% – are new ones.
    And the last question – maybe you would give us some advice or recommendation in order to make our company better and help us to provide better service for you and our other clients.
    First of all, I want to congrat you, because anyway, despite of some little issues your company is good. You are very nice, fast in service, active.
    The good point is that all your guns are good and all the functions are good, for me the price on the laser tag guns is reasonable and totally understandable. One thing maybe – about software, there are some options that we would like to have. We’ll make you a small list and if you can implement them – that would be perfect. We would also like to work together – to create new devices and accessories. We have a lot of ideas, so we could help each other and create something together – that would be fantastic! Maybe it also would be nice if we can be dealers of your company!
    Yes, of course. That would be great. We’ll give you all the details about the partnership.
    Thank you very much for your time and honest answers, we are sure that your example will inspire future businessmen and encourage them to act. All your advices will be taken into consideration and we’ll try to implement them as far as it possible. And hope for our further perspective and long-term cooperation!