One more mark on of the Company’s map of clients! We are unceasing in enjoying the success of our customers and today we want to narrate about the opening of a new laser tag club that chose’s equipment to start the laser tag business!
laser tag for children
This time a new star on our client’s map lit up not far from Tashkent! The young sport club for family leisure FOREST CLUB, located in a secluded place, far from city bustle, in picturesque forest belt near the Akhangaran river, has launched a new service in its club – laser tag, and has already held its first pilot battle.

The result was absolutely stunning! Not only children got positive emotions but adults as well. Having forgotten that they are grown-ups. They totally immersed into the game and didn’t want to leave the laser tag arena.

laser tag outdoor

And it’s not surprising, because we do our best to create our laser tag equipment. Quality and safety, modern intuitive software, impulse recoil of laser tag gun, perfect sound, additional equipment for more exciting games ect. – will match the taste even the most demanding visitors!

We wish the laser tag-club FOREST CLUB prosperity and a lot of loyal customers!

We are working to make your laser tag business successful!