Today we start a new rubric – our clients’ video-reviews about laser tag equipment by . And charming Ute, the owner of the Paintball Arena from Löhme, in the Northeast from Berlin, will be the first to start it.
    Turn on the subtitles and watch the following video and read the first-person narration!
    “Hello, my name is Ute, I am the manager of Paint ball arena in Löhme, that is situated on the Northeast of Berlin.
    Behind me you may see our game fields. Here you can see only a small part of our great game area, that is about 5 hectares. We also have a piece of land that we possess and have been using since 2009. And over there you can see the territory that we use for car parking. It can host over 350-400 cars.
    So, now I want to show you our “pet project” that we have since January 2018, an amusing and impressive addition to paintball – laser tag, both indoor and outdoor as well.
    Here our reception and entrance to the laser tag site are located. Maybe it is not very clear picture because of the darkness, but I’ll try to show you everything.
    Quality is very important. Laser tag equipment must be light and durable at the same time. I mean, it should be safe for players and it shouldn’t break down in case of bumping.
    And now I am going to tell you about our new laser tag equipment. Thank God, there was a great range of laser tag equipment at exhibition 2017, thus we had lot of options. So we could decide what we want to buy. And this decision was influenced by such factors as the price and WOW-effects that this equipment gives.
    Let’s take an impulse recoil simulation as an example. It’s really overwhelming feature that attracts not only adults but children as well. And now pay your attention on the software that you can see on the small screen and on the big one. The application is really usable and that is great.
    In total, we have 10 sets of laser tag equipment. And we are absolutely satisfied with it as it works properly. For today the age range of our club visitors varies from 10 up to 73(!). Laser tag is perfect entertainment for family leisure and for birthday parties especially.
    So now laser tag enjoys the same popularity in our club as paintball.
    Everything works perfectly.
    There are lot of additional devices and accessories. Here for example you can see Utility Box that allows player to be respawned again. And that is Domination Box that has lot of functions.
    I would be glad to see you here and show you everything that we were talking over here. But now I have no time for talking, the players are waiting for me!”