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The main task of the children’s camp is to involve children in productive activities, to interest, to surprise, and to channel their energy towards the right direction! Laser tag solves all these problems!

What child does not dream of becoming a part of special force team for a while, save the planet, show bravery, and lead the team to victory? This game is interesting for both boys and girls! The new trend of children summer camps of summer 2018, laser tag, will certainly give a flood of ​​positive emotions in intense laser tag battles.

The main point of the game is simple, you need to hit the enemy and a special interactive target with shots from a safe blaster. Tagers shoot an infrared ray, which should be sent to the special sensors fixed on the opponent’s headband.

The advantages of the laser tag in summer camps

  • Social experience. It teaches children to work in teams and communicate with each other. Besides, players must use such skills as agility, logic, stamina.

  • Leisure activities in the open air. It implies physical activity, which has a positive influence on a child’s health. It develops stamina, gives a chance to let out all the negative emotions, and improve a mood.

  • Safety. According to statistics laser tag is safer than soccer. There is a smaller chance of injury. A player gets a notification of a hit via sound and vibration, so even little kids are allowed to play.

  • An alternative to video games. All the children like shooters and laser tag gives a chance to apply video games skills in real life. A player must run, shoot, think, analyze, quickly find a shelter and defend himself. The game is held in the special area equipped with shelters and passages. The sound effects bring more activity to the game. Laser tag brings positive emotions and leaves vivid memories.

  • Laser battles are for everyone. This game is available both for sporty children and for children without physical training experience. Both experienced and newbie players can play this game.

  • A sports game with elements of military-patriotic education. The laser tag is part of a healthy lifestyle. The competition between the squads causes children to be spiritually emotional, and to get the most out of the game.

Laser tag also has a range of advantages for summer camp owners:

  • The possibility of arranging competitions.A laser tag battle can involve several teams. It appeals sporting sense, gives the thirst for victory

  • Ready-made kits. We offer you laser tag game kits for any budget which will comply with all of your demands. They are tested and optimally adapted for the use at the rental.

  • Various scenarios. The built-in scenario constructor gives you the opportunity to play the game in a new scenario every time, without the need to buy anything or make changes to the location. Just choose one of the ready-made scenarios, change the rules at your discretion, or create your own conditions.
  • No additional costs. It does not require additional investments. The equipment is durable, impact-resistant, does not require any consumables. The firmware updates are downloaded for free via the Android application. The number of shots, lives, etc. is set by you on the equipment. All that is required is to charge the kit in time.

  • Reliability and impact resistance of equipment. Ordering laser tag equipment from, you get a solution designed specifically for rental. The smooth lines of the case of the laser tag gun, the absence of sharp corners and protruding details, the presence of an 8-mm protective bumper make it non traumatic for players. The sealed case of the gun, made of heavy-duty elastic plastic, makes it resistant to falls and shocks, and can be used in all weather conditions, without risk of the safety of internal electronics.

  • Easy to manage. Start and control the game via the phone, computer or laptop using the Windows application or Android. Using it, you can divide players into teams, assign roles, change the script, monitor statistics, manage multiple games at the same time.

  • Service and warranty. All equipment is provided with a warranty of up to 24 months and prompt technical support throughout the usage of the device.
  • Safe for children. All the equipment produced by is certified and meets all quality standards of the CIS and the European Union. Laser tag weapons shoot a health-safe IR beam, similar to that used in the remote for the TV. IR ray does not cause pain. The laser tag case is designed by taking into account all safety features: a streamlined shape without sharp corners, metal parts, protruding and movable elements that could scratch or cause injuries. The kit includes a rubber bumper, which serves as an additional protection against injuries and softens the impact in the event of a collision.

  • There is no need in buying special clothing for the game. Comfortable sports clothes are enough to play.

  • Mobility. If you own several camps, laser tag is a perfect solution for you, as the equipment could be transported easily from one camp to another.

What is necessary to organize a laser tag in a children’s camp

Usually, laser tag battle is conducted on a previously prepared site, for this you will need:

  • Playing kits. To organize laser tag games in a children’s camp, first of all you need to purchase game kits. To make the choice easier you can use ready solutions, and buy a set of laser tag equipment. In addition, such a purchase will keep you in your budget, as the price per set is lower than for individual items of equipment. In the ready sets, all the details are taken into account: the minimum required number of players for the game, the size of the site and the budget. The set includes a laser tag weapon, headband and additional devices (optional).

  • Inflatable bunkers. You can use old tires, barrels, etc., but we offer you a more convenient and modern solution: inflatable bunkers by Airbunker. It makes professional impression. They are safe and good-looking. They do not have sharp corners, they are durable, easy to clean, quickly installed and assembled.

We will provide you with all the necessary equipment for arranging laser tag at the camp. equipment is:

  • Profitable. Profitable. We have been a laser tag manufacturer for over 10 years. Cooperating with us you are not going to be overcharged by facilitators.

  • Reliable. The company carries out a full production cycle, tests its equipment in the chain of its own arenas. As a result, you get only a high quality and proven solution, something that will be interesting for your customers.

  • Safe. Laser tag weapons shoot a health-safe IR beam, similar to the remote for the TV. All equipment of the company is tested and meets all quality standards of the CIS and the European Union.

Laser tag will fit into the entertainment program of summer children’s camps and will become a worthy alternative to any sports game.