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What is the very first thing the laser tag game starts with? Certainly it starts with the instruction!

The instructors of parks and laser tag arenas of the LASERTAG.NET company provide the most detailed instruction – they explain players all the features of the playing field and teach how to use laser tag-weapons correctly.

We understand that it’s extremely important to give instructions to your visitors correctly, and that’s why we’d like to share our experience with you!

How to give instructions to customers

Just after meeting your visitors start necessary training for game. Most players will be unfamiliar with the rules of the laser tag game. Moreover, those are children who make up 70% of all laser tag players. This is why you should pay special attention to training them. Your task is to explain safety rules to both children and their parents. This is how each player will know what he should do while parents will not be able to make you completely responsible for unexpected issues. Do never forget that your visitors come to you to enjoy the game so make sure your personnel is very polite and discreet when talking even to the most demanding customer.

You can split training into 7 main stages:

  • Essence of laser tag game and laser tag weapons operating principle;
  • Demonstrations of laser tag guns and additional equipment operation;
  • Rules of playing laser tag games and advices of how to make it efficient;
  • Tell about things that are strictly prohibited during the game (physical violence, misuse of equipment);
  • Answer all questions your customers have;
  • Split players into teams and give them game kits;
  • Give a detailed explanation of the gaming scenario that teams will play.

Training should not take longer than 15 minutes. Nobody wants to waste their time on listening to long instructions so try to explain the most important things to your clients as quickly as possible.

Training of players should take place before each game. This training does not depend on the experience of players and their familiarity with the game field. After training is over each customer should sign the form, saying that he is familiar with all the training requirements.

It is important to remember that the signature of your client about your relief of responsibility in case of injuries does not guarantee your safety in case of legal proceedings.

You can choose one of ourforms as an option.

Peculiarities of organizing game event for children

In case underage people take part in a game then you should fill up the'agreement of organizer/responsible person about allowing participation in a game of an underage person”, as well as make additional preparation on the game field.

Equipment operation presentation

It is the best to use 2 laser tag guns, Utility Box, and Remote Control to clearly present how equipment works.
Ask customers to stand with their faces turned to you and take a game kit to show its operation principle.
You should show the following things:

  • How to use a laser tag gun during the game;
  • Where hit sensors are located;
  • Where reload button is located;
  • How to switch the laser tag gun off;
  • What values are displayed on the screen and how to use them;
  • How to put the equipment (headband) on and how to correctly hold the laser tag rifle during the game.

Showing the operation principle of Utility Box you should explain to your customers how they can restore their game health and in what modes they should use the device.
Training about how to use and hit Smart Domination Box should better take place just before the game with this device. In case hitting of a Smart Domination Box is a part of gaming scenario then you should show to the players how they should capture the device, using laser tag rifle.