Grenade is one of the most useful devices for the laser tag game. Now all the players as well as the owners of laser tag clubs can get equipped with the newly designed piece by LASERTAG.NET – the laser tag grenade.
    This device is functionally similar to its prototype – you throw it and it affects your opponents. In a laser tag sense though.
    The Wi-Fi module is another useful feature of the laser tag device – you can easily find it in case you throw it too far away which is a very common situation for outdoor laser tag clubs. Finally nobody needs to complete a quest when collecting the equipment after the game is over, doesn’t he?
    You will notice that it is also very comfortable to hold the grenade and safe to use it. The rubber tips on both sides of the device are designed to prevent it from either being damaged itself or from damaging other players. Do not try to throw it in the head of your opponens though, there are little chance they will enjoy it! Remember that there are safety regulations for any laser tag game and pre-game guidance is always required.
    When the grenade explodes it keeps on infecting players for another 6 seconds, working in a radiation mode. So if somebody is running by he will be affected.
    The more detailed review of the laser tag grenade is coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss it!