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The arranging of additional services in hotels is an effective way to beat your competitors, and it is another way to profit. Offer a laser tag game in your hotel, and you will bring your business to a new higher level!
Such a service will open up new opportunities for you: holding corporate parties, team building, birthdays, weddings, and organizing family vacations.

Why hotels should be interested in laser tag:

  • Additional service and source of income;
  • Trendy, new format of rest;
  • Mark out your hotel among the competitors;
  • Fast recoupment (within 11 months);
  • Possibility to play games in any weather conditions (all year round).

Laser tag as Team-building

Team-building and corporate parties are the most popular services in hotels. And this is not surprising because an active, unusual, and fun pastime becomes more and more popular among the modern successful people of middle and young age groups.

Laser tag lifts spirits and forms leadership qualities. This is a strategic game that will be interesting to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical qualities. In order to succeed at work and laser tag, a person should successfully do the following:

  • quickly assess the situation;
  • think through an action plan;
  • interact with other participants;
  • determine the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and use them to win.

Laser tag teaches teamwork: to overcome obstacles and work together to achieve the goal. This game is not only great entertainment, an opportunity to digress from your problems but also a healthy way to relax. Activities for teambuilding stimulate the active work of employees, because in the game they get to know each other. Once they begin to work and improve their relationship at your laser tag site, their work in the office will improve.

Laser tag as a family vacation

Common hobbies and activities should be in every family. And laser tag, as an additional service in the hotel, can help solve the issue of common leisure for large families. Laser tag is a game that unites not only children and parents, but also grandparents!
This is an active, emotional rest, which will help to escape from everyday routine and make a friendly and harmonious team from the family!

Arranging birthdays

Offer your visitors an interesting and bright birthday celebration, playing laser tag. Let each of the guests of the birthday party try on the role of a fighter and show his ability to think strategically, quickly find a shelter and shoot accurately. Due to the ability to receive statistics in real time, upon finishing the game, you can surprise your visitors by giving them all the information about the game: the number of shots and hits.

Advantages of the laser tag:

  • It is accessible to all, since it does not require special physical training and is based on simple and understandable rules;
  • Can be conducted outdoors or indoors and assumes active cardio-load;
  • Safe and non-traumatic, laser tag gun shoots safe infrared beam;
  • Laser tag is an environmentally friendly game, after it there is no garbage left;
  • It gives an opportunity to relieve stress and get rid of negative emotions;
  • It put a team together, helps to identify natural leaders.

And, finally, laser tag is just a holiday with a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable sensations. Enthusiastic reviews of visitors and their constantly growing number will serve as a vivid proof of the popularity of this game.

Easy to manage

The laser tag equipment is controlled via a smartphone, tablet, and a computer with a specially developed program.

  • User-friendly interface, game settings templates and their quick loading allow to prepare the equipment for the game in a few minutes;
  • You can start all the sets in a few seconds;
  • With the help of the program it is possible to divide players into teams, assign roles, run and stop the game and monitor its progress;
  • Using the scenario constructor you can change the rules for each new game, choosing new options from ready-made scenario or to create absolutely new ones.

Laser tag does not require additional material

The laser tag has no damaging elements (balls, paint, etc.) that would require recharging. The number of shots, lives, etc. is set by you on the equipment.
The only thing that needs to be recharged is the battery. Usually one game kit requires recharging once in three days.

Security & Warranty

All equipment of the company is tested and meets all quality standards of the CIS and the European Union.
The laser tag case is designed taking into account all safety aspects: streamlined shape, without sharp corners, metal parts, protruding and movable elements that could scratch or injure the player.

  • A protective tip is included in the set of each laser tag gun, which serves additional protection against injuries and softens the impact in case of a collision;
  • Laser tag guns shoot an IR-beam that is safe for health. The similar beam is used in the remote for the TV, and it does not cause pain;
  • All equipment has a warranty up to 24 months;
  • Operative technical support throughout the usage;
  • 5 stages of quality control before sale.

Do you want to surprise customers with a new “feature” of your hotel? Choose a complete set for playing laser tag and discover new facets of your business. Based on experience with hotels, we have prepared ready-made solutions:laser tag equipment that will meet your needs, budget and area, that you have.