New laser tag platform – NETRONIC! Soon…

Want to know what the laser tag of the future looks like? Imagine a laser tag game that you just can’t stop playing …

Full immersion – game effects that you have never seen in laser tag before. Absolute safety – design solutions that exclude injury. And integrated automation – from the start of the game – to its completion.

All these things are implemented in the new outdoor laser tag platform NETRONIC, which will be released on March 15th!

We listen and what is important – we hear our customers. Thus our new equipment was developed on the base of the players’ and laser tag business owners’ preferences analysis, and our own experience as well.

laser tag equipment NETRONIC

What novelties will the laser tag platform NETRONIC bring?

  • Headband – with the minimum weight and maximum abilities! NETRONIC headband not only fixates hits, but also hits opponents;
  • Laser tag gun with impulse recoil, informative color OLED-screen and with the ability to use a second weapon;
  • Advanced software – automates the processes of game starting and finishing, allows managing sets and additional devices remotely, and enable you to set your own game conditions;
  • SIRIUS and Domination Box SMART – for new scenarios creating;
  • The absolute safety of the game is provided by a streamlined shape of the laser tag gun, a protective rubber tip and an automatic disability to fire when the game safety rules are broken.

And this is only a small part of the solutions implemented in the new platform.

Do not miss! 15.03 – release of the NETRONIC! Be informed about all the functions of the new laser tag equipment!