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It is necessary to expand the assortment of provided services for successful development of your laser tag business. The stationary open game court will significantly increase the revenue of your laser tag club and will definitely attract new customers.
Stationary laser tag game court on the open air is an area for a laser tag game holding. The courts are usually located in the city parks and include locker rooms, toilets, pavilions and other facilities that clients may need.
Choosing the place that you are going to use as a laser tag game court, pay attention to the traffic interchange of this area in the first place. Note also the flow of people in this place and the possibility to organize parking zone.

Size of laser tag game court

There is no need to use the whole area for one big court. It will be more reasonable to divide it to several areas; thus you can hold few games simultaneously. Besides in this case you may decorate each area in different style that will allow you to attract more people with different tastes.
There are no clearly established standards in laser tag (length – width, minimum – maximum, – like in football). A typical laser tag club can have from three to six sites. For example, in the clubs owned by, the smallest site is 35 х 45 m, the largest one is 40 х 60 m.

Construction of stationary laser tag site

Developing the draft of a laser tag site you should take into account the necessity of its dividing into two zones – entry and playing ones.
Entry zone is a territory where the lockers, pantries and public accommodations are located. You also may arrange the place for keeping the sets of laser tag equipment and clothes for laser tag game etc. Besides here must be a computer for the game results’ registration.
You may also arrange shops, pavilions, tables and braziers to increase the average income of your laser tag club.

People come to your club not only to play laser tag but also to relax and spend some time with their friends, thus such a service will be very profitable.

The playing zone is a field with an obstacle course or bunkers. Your aim goal is to provide the safety of your laser tag game court. That is why its construction must be as reliable as it is possible. Each laser tag site must be fenced around the perimeter and it must be arranged in such a way that none of the participating teams could have an initial advantage. That will make game process more dynamic and none of players will complain for injustice.



The bunkers for a laser tag game may be made of various materials. With a tight budget you may use barrels, tires, wooden boxes, wall panels, waste of lumber. You also may use inflatable bunkers that are usually used for the field laser tag games.

Arrange your laser tag site in such a way that it has 3-4 entrance to each point and each shelter.

Do not make single-pass corridors. If there are hills on the laser tag site, build sniping points or towers on them.
Considering the fact that there are lot of kids among your target audience do not forget to buy laser tag equipment for children that will allow you to arrange laser tag games for the youngest visitors.

Laser tag site zoning:

The territory must be also equipped with:

  • Reception;
  • Resting zone;
  • Lockers;
  • Toilets;
  • Washbasins;
  • Showers (that may be your competitive advantage);
  • Office;
  • Storage.

Planning of laser tag site

The recommended distance between the bunkers is about 5-7 meters. Do not make piles, leave more space. Tightness increases the risk of injury and reduces the dynamics of the game. For example, the Company has the laser tag game court the size of 35 х 55 м, that has 12 bunkers. These bunkers are organized as two-storied buildings without roofs. There is also a central two-storied building in the form of a tower. It gives all the conditions for game-imitation of the battle.

Additional requirements for laser tag sites

Pay special attention to the lightning. If you have a good lightning you may expand the period of providing your services. Install a sound that will help you broadcast music and make announcements.
Think about fire safety. The kit must include fire extinguishers, sand, water, a hose and all the rest of the fire-fighting kit.