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Each business, especially that dealing with providing services, sooner or later gets its regular customers. Regular customer is definitely a positive side of any business.

At the same time it is very important for your laser tag club to get new ones. This is why you should carefully come to understand the target audience, forming your range of customers.

Laser tag target audience

People with average and high income form the main target audience for laser tag games. Those people are usually 7 – 35 years old. In the meanwhile statistical analysis of our own laser tag clubs and arenas performance, as well as statistical data received from our customers, indicate that 70% of all laser tag players are children. 30-35-year old men and women make up the remaining 30%.

Where to look for new customers?

Main activities, related to laser tag games are birthday parties, corporate events, teambuilding events, active leisure time activities for big companies and family entertainment activities. And this is exactly where you will find new customers for your services – among fans of those activities.

Main audience of laser tag clubs:

  • Schools/colleges/universities;
  • Corporative clients (big companies and organizations with built out culture of corporate and teambuilding events);
  • Event-agencies;
  • HR managers, networks;
  • IT-companies;
  • Visitors of family entertainment centers and parks;
  • Camps for children and youth, training centers;
  • Security agencies/private security organizations.

Considering any of above mentioned places do not forget that each of them requires different strategy for cooperation. For example if security agencies prefer using mockups of real weapons then advertising laser tag for this target audience you should point out military laser tag equipment.

In case you are looking for customers among children then you should take into consideration psychological attitude of their parents. Because those are the people who are going to pay for your services. So point out safety of laser tag equipment and that it is completely harmless.

It is very important to have data base of your own customers. It will help you in defining your target audience. You can use special forms to be filled in by your customers. Further you will find a sample of this form.

Form of a favorite customer

Having filled in the form you will explore the whole world of opportunities: private special offers and loyalty programs, gifts and lotteries, workshops and gifts from partners!

Name and surname Date of birthContact phone numberViber

Where did you learn about us (tick the answer)?

InternetAdvertisement in public transport
FacebookAdvertisement in shopping malls
InstagramAdvertisement in parks
Friend’s adviceAdvertisement in coffee shops
CinemasAdvertisement in a supermarket
Paintball clubRadio
Advertisement in schoolsStreet Advertisement POSTERS
universitiesStreet Advertisement BUST

Other (your options) _____________________________________________________________
I agree on my personal data processing.
Date_____________ Signature____________


Write their phone numbers and we will make them gifts!

Name and surname Phone numberViber

You can also take part in different social projects, organizing free of charge game for children for different holidays (International Children’s Day, first day of school, other children holidays) or just run school laser tag tournaments for children.

These events are in high demand by mass media so you will easily have your laser tag club advertised for free as well as expand target audience among your customers.